Authentic Tacos in Pittsburgh at El Milagro, Surrounded by Spanish Speakers

Authentic Tacos in Pittsburgh at El Milagro, Surrounded by Spanish Speakers

If you’re looking for the one of the most authentic mexican joints in the ‘Burgh, than I have a place for you to try! Two Sundays ago Nate and I were invited to a Pittsburgh meetup for advanced Spanish speakers. (Now I am in no way advanced in my Spanish, but I do plan on touching up on my Spanish in the future. I had the opportunity to practice some Spanish in Argentina two years ago and I definitely want to be fluent one day). Ivan, the host of Barrio Latino on WRCT 88.3FM Pittsburgh invited us out for lunch with The Pittsburgh Spanish Language Meetup Group to try a restaurant that he loves and that he thinks has the most authentic tacos in Pittsburgh.

El Milagro Exterior
Humble looks, but incredible taste

We all met at El Milagro Mexican Restaurant at 1542 Beechview Avenue.  This restaurant is located in Beechview, which is very close to Brookline and Dormont in the South Hills area just off the T’s Red Line. Ivan greeted us immediately and welcomed us to the group (roughly 18 people).   There was a mix of both Spanish and English speaking at the table, but I was too nervous to practice my Spanish the first time around.

After some introductions, we all looked at the menu and ordered. I ordered some tacos of course.  There was a variety of meats to choose from including cabeza (beef cheek), lengua (beef tongue), asada, carnitas, barbacoa, chorizo (sausage), campechano (chorizo w/ beef or tripe) and tinga (chicken). I chose to try the asada, campechano and tinga. With inclusions like cabeza, lengua and tripe available in the campechano, that tells me it will be a very authentic experience.

Tacos at El Milagro
Love the inclusion of radishes!

The tacos were presented on double layer corn shells. The tacos were simply dressed with meat, onions, cilantro, thinly sliced radishes and lime wedges on the side. The first time I had radishes on my tacos were with the Blue Apron Korean Pork Tacos and I loved it since then as a taco topping.  It gives the taco a little bit of a healthy crunch.

There were two salsas to use on the table, a salsa verde and a red sauce.  I tried the salsa verde with the chips, but could only handle about a very small amount on the chip. The red sauce was somehow even spicier so I did not use the salsas, but with the meats being so juicy I did not mind going sauceless.

Tacos at El Milagros
You can spot the chicken on the left compared to the other two!

The corn taco shells at El Milagro reminded me of the corn shells that I had at Las Palmas and tied as my favorite corn shell. The shells were thick and you could see the layers. The grease from the meat would soak up into the corn shells making them almost cakey. Even though both salsas were too spicy for me, the campechano and carne asada didn’t need the sauce. The meat was juicy (and a little greasy). The campechano had some blackened pieces from either the chorizo or beef but those pieces were not crunchy or dry. The tinga consisted of fresh shredded chicken, it was a little dry and was probably the only taco I had that could have used a sauce. The simplicity of the tacos here amazed me. As long as you have quality meat and a bomb corn shell, there is not much else needed to make a tasty taco.

Tacos at El Milagro
Nate’s plate of tongue, cheek and chorizo

Nate said the lengua was his favorite lengua taco of all time.

The lady next to me ordered enchiladas with a deep red sauce, rice, lettuce and fresh avocado slices. I love enchiladas and I think I would try those the next time I visit as long as the sauce for the enchiladas is more mild than the sauces offered with the tacos.

If you are looking for some authentic tacos similar to Las Palmas and Let’s Taco Bout It in Reading, than this is a must. Brush up on your Spanish and swing by El Milagro!


Price: Approximately $2.50 per taco 🙂  CASH only, BYOB yes!

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    1. I was afraid of Mole at first, thinking it was spicy, but it’s not! I’ll have to check that out next time I visit!

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