Back for Round 2 at Nauti Tacos.

Back for Round 2 at Nauti Tacos.

Remember when I told you that the tacos at Nauti Taco ended up being naughty and not nice? They were naughty because I was deeply interested in coming back to try more of their tacos. So here I am…writing my second post. You can find my first review by clicking here. Kevin and I are back again for round 2.

At the end of the first post, I mentioned that I wanted to try the Chick Next Door, Beach Bum, and Carnitas tacos. With two of the same tacos per order, Kevin and I were ready for a classic taco swap. We both agreed on the Chick Next Door and then we each picked our second choice. I went with the Carnitas and Kevin picked the Florida Shrimp. Kevin forgot that I am not a huge fan of most seafood, but I was committed to Kevin’s choice and I was definitely open to give it a try.

Kevin ordered and picked up the tacos for our dinner. I anxiously waited with the table set and empty pint glasses ready to fill with a craft beer.

shrimp tacos

Like the first visit, we struggled with the temperature of the take-out tacos. Regardless, I faced my seafood scaries and went full throttle into the shrimp tacos. The battered tempura shrimp was better than I expected. I feel like the tropical slaw, avocado smash, and sweet heat crema complimented this taco perfectly. I had no idea that toasted coconut was also on this taco as I could not taste coconut. There were a few things I would adjust with this taco. Even though there was slaw, there needed to be a little more crunch. Also, the shrimp needed to be hotter in temperature and the flour shell needed to be toasted. This taco did not skimp on the shrimp as this taco was packed full of filling. Kevin also agreed with my critique and this taco came in at a 3 of out 5 on my taco scale.

chicken tacos

Next, we tried the Chick Next Door. I was looking forward to the elote on this taco. Other important components to this taco included smoked chicken, avocado smash, and salsa verde with cilantro and cotija cheese sprinkled on top. I would have preferred more cilantro and elote. The chicken retained a lot of moisture making it too watery in a way. Kevin said that he would have liked a crema on this taco and he expected more sweetness from the elote. I gave this taco a 2 out of 5.

beef barbacoa tacos

We saved the (what I thought) were carnitas tacos for last. It turned out that Kevin accidentally ordered the barbacoa tacos instead! The barbacoa taco was sooo meaty and salty. The spiced Angus beef was tamed by fresh crema. The white diced onion was a super clutch ingredient to pair with the rich meat. This taco got hotter with each bite, which I think was from the beef and not the tomatillo-avocado salsa. This meat would be absolutely fantastic in quesadilla form. I gave it a 4 out of 5 and I would order the barbacoa taco again. Just needs a toasted, quality buttermilk tortilla shell!

all the tacos

Overall, I liked the surprise barbacoa taco the best while Kevin preferred the shrimp taco. He thought there was some good Asian flare there and just needed the shrimp taco to be a little hotter in temperature. So when is the third visit you ask?? Probably now that dine-in is available, I will stop by. I will only save the take-out option for when I will be eating the tacos immediately afterwards on a bench or in the car.

Price: $10-12 per two of the same tacos.

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