Big Bacon Tacos – Enjoying Pittsburgh Pork Belly Tacos at Insurrection AleWorks

Big Bacon Tacos – Enjoying Pittsburgh Pork Belly Tacos at Insurrection AleWorks

Work, Nap, Run, Taco Time

Exterior of Insurrection AleWorks

On a Friday night after work, a nap and a mile run I built up an appetite for tacos. I knew Nate and I would be getting tacos for dinner, but it was a last minute decision to go to Insurrection AleWorks.  We had received word from a friend that they were having tacos on special this weekend.  Since they do not have tacos on their everyday menu (once every 2-3 weeks tacos will be on the menu) and we were looking to try another Pittsburgh brewery, we couldn’t pass up this chance.

Insurrection AleWorks Troll
I met a new taco friend at Insurrection!

Insurrection AleWorks is located at 1635 E. Railroad Street in Heidelberg, PA between Bridgeville and Carnegie, just south of the city. Just a warning, this brewery is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, but they do have extensive hours the rest of the week: Wed&Thurs 4-11PM, Fri&Sat 12PM-12AM, and Sun 12-8PM.  The kitchen closes one hour before the bar closes.

The Beers

Meat and Cheese Plate
We got the charcuterie plate after the tacos, but we missed out on any good pre-taco beer photos!

When we arrived, we walked down the narrow hallway to the lively bar and seating area. We waited only a few minutes for a table.  Shortly after we were seated, I started to sample a few of their beers.  I tried their Cascadian Dark Ale and American Pale Ale. They had a wide variety of beers ranging from stouts, a sour, IPA, double IPA, red ale, dark ale, pale ale, and then a guest cider from Arsenal and cocktail from Maggie’s Farm Rum (love that place.)

The Tacos

Tacos on the menu at Insurrection AleWorks

Nate and I both ordered the only tacos on the menu under the weekend specials list. The tacos of the weekend were smoked pork belly tacos covered with fresh chopped spinach, pickled onions and cranberry bacon dressing.

Tacos at Insurrection AleWorks

The pork belly tacos I had here were better than the tacos I had at Tres Rios. Now I thought I would never order pork belly again just because of the fatty cut but this pork belly changed my mind. It was like eating a giant thick hunk of bacon. Fatty at times but with more meat on these tacos than the ones I had at Tres Rios. The pickled onions were not as overwhelmingly vinegary as other pickled onions on tacos that I had previously (like at Madero Cantina) had, but slowly accumulated tang towards the end. I loved the simple combination of plentiful meat, spinach, onions, and a little dressing.  I think the sweeter cranberry bacon dressing complimented the tangy pickled onions and the dressing worked well coating the spinach.  The only thing I would suggest would be a change in the tortillas.  The flour tortillas were store bought and just didn’t match the upscale ingredients of the rest of the taco.

Tacos at Insurrection AleWorks

I was scared of pork belly after Tres Rios but now after trying the pork belly tacos here, I would consider ordering them again.  BIG BACON for the win.

Fast service and friendly, attentive waiters.

Price: Two tacos with a side of homemade chips for $10.95 (reasonable priced beer, but expensive tacos)

Insurrection Sign at Night
I couldn’t help but add one more photo of the sign at night. It looks great lit up!
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