Bike the Burgh and eat the tacos at Taquitos.

Bike the Burgh and eat the tacos at Taquitos.

Taquitos Taco truck

Kevin and I had a bicycle and taco date night planned for a beautiful fall afternoon. The plan was to check out the fairly new taco place called La Bodega in the Southside on our way to Voodoo Brewery via the Greater Allegheny Passage Trail. The plan was quickly changed when I locked eyes with Taquitos Taco Truck less than 1 mile into our ride.

My preferred bike route down Mount Washington involves cycling on Grandview Avenue all the way to Sycamore St. On the way there, we were stopped by tents and tables on Grandview. There was an event that night called Party on the Mount which consisted of a lot of dogs, food venues, activities, games, and music. I really enjoyed experiencing an event in my local neighborhood.

My taco notebook and I

While walking our bicycles through the crowd, we came across Taquitos Taco Truck. It has been too long since I have had their tacos, and it is one place that I have had twice before without writing a review. I felt like the third time’s the charm to get out the taco notebook. Even if I wasn’t going to have tacos, I still would have stopped to say ‘hi’ to Fernando, who owns the truck. I met Fernando a few years back when getting tacos at Taquitos for Cinco de Mayo at their truck hub in Garfield. Since then, I have seen Fernando each time at the Pittsburgh Taco Festival. Besides Garfield, you can count on finding Taquitos in Evergreen Cafe in Point Breeze.

I asked Fernando which tacos I should order and he said to go with the carnitas and al pastor tacos. Kevin was avoiding red meats for a bit so he went with the chicken and the chicken tinga tacos. Other fillings included ground beef, steak, shrimp, chorizo, and vegetarian fillings such as rajas (pepper, onions, and potatoes), cactus, and soyrizo.

Tacos and I.

Another reason I wanted to stop for tacos in my neighborhood versus Southside was to eat the tacos in style. I have lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and I am still always in awe of the amazing city skyline. That view never gets old and eating a taco overlooking Pittsburgh is a dream come true! With that said, we ate our tacos using my bike saddle bag as a table while taking in the views.

The first taco I ate was a surprise extra taco from Fernando. I overlooked the taco loco option on the menu where melted cheese is in between a hard and soft shell. I like this trend as I am seeing more and more taco places do this. I liked the fried melted cheese oozing out. The filling was chicken tinga. The chicken was very moist and the taco had amazing texture with the hard and soft shell and cheese combo. The hard shell kept this taco crunchy and kept it from falling apart. I rank this taco a 4 out of 5 because I think about this taco over and over again. This taco had it all, too – with the perfect blend of authentic onions and cilantro and the Tex Mex toppings with the sour cream and cheese.

two tacos and Pittsburgh skyline.

Next, I tried the al pastor taco. I could not wrap my head around the pastor flavor as it had a thicker and pastier sauce than other al pastors. The color of the overall marinade resembled that of a creamy tomato soup. Speaking of tomatoes, that was the predominant flavor I could taste. Overall, I give this taco a 2 out of 5 as it was not a memorable taco for me.

I liked the carnitas taco slightly better than the al pastor taco and rank it a 3 out of 5. The carnitas taco was greased up like a chain on a bike to give it enough for a smooth ride…into my mouth.

As for Kevin, he liked the chicken tinga taco better than the regular chicken taco because of the chipotle flavor. He also thought there was a little too much liquid in the chicken taco.

Pittsburgh at night.

After enjoying our tacos in my neck of the town, we made our way to Voodoo Brewery to have some delicious brown ales while battling each other in cornhole. If I am not bragging about winning, then I think you can guess the outcome of the game. Either way, I still had fun enjoying a fall night in the Burgh which is very rare for me because of all the traveling I have done over summer.

Price: $3 per taco. $4.50 per taco loco.

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