Biking, Incline, Tacos, Hills, Tacos – My Taco Tuesday in Pittsburgh

Biking, Incline, Tacos, Hills, Tacos – My Taco Tuesday in Pittsburgh

Inclined To Get Tacos During Pittsburgh’s Heat Wave

Last Tuesday towards the end of Pittsburgh’s heat wave, I ventured out on my bicycle during the 89 degree day. Since my car was unavailable that morning, I figured it would be prime time (minus the heat) to finally take my bike on the incline. Since I am still new to the roads on Mount Washington, I figure the safest way to get to the Cultural District would be to take the incline down. I only bought a one way ticket ($2.50) since I planned on biking back up the hill later with my friend Caitlyn who does a lot of biking with BikePGH. I know I may sound a bit crazy for buying a pass to go down Mount Washington but not back up.

Taco Stop #1 – Condado Tacos

Although I made a complete fool out of myself for dropping my bicycle on the queue line chain and therefore angering the security guard at the Monongahela Incline, I successfully made it from my apartment in Mount Washington to Condado for lunchtime tacos and margaritas in Downtown Pittsburgh just under 30 minutes.

After a blood orange margarita and two tacos (that I worked diligently to create) at Condado, I digested my food down by the point until Caitlyn was ready for our bike ride back up the mountain.

Biking Pittsburgh’s Hills, and Eating Pittsburgh’s Tacos – Redbeard’s on Mount Washington

This ride was not in easy in any way, shape, or form.  Our bike route consisted mainly of Josephine St. and Arlington Ave. where we had many gradual inclines to face.  We only stopped once to take in the views of the city from Grandview Park. Even when we made it to the top in Mount Washington, we threw in an extra few hills for fun. I definitely burned off any calories left from those tacos and margarita and worked up an appetite for  MORE tacos for dinner.

View of Pittsburgh from Mt Washington
The hills are worth it for this view!

Since it was Tuesday, our endpoint goal was to get a taco Tuesday special somewhere. This week, I picked Redbeard’s Sports Bar and Grill located at 201 Shiloh Street. There is another location as well downtown on 6th Street. This was a great spot because we could sit outside on the patio and still keep an eye on our bicycles.

Outdoor Bar at Redbeard's

I found out that Redbeard’s had tacos only about a week prior to this visit, and since my Jamison’s Tuesday night wing group all had other plans, this was an opportune time to try another Taco Tuesday spot.

Redbeard’s Taco Tuesday consists of a minimum of 3 tacos per person to start. Tacos (hard or soft shell) are $2 each. Only ground beef. They also have $4 fajitas, $8 fiesta platter, $3 Corona bottles and $5 house margaritas. I went with a simple 3 tacos (2 soft shell and 1 hard shell) with a Corona and lime.

Corona and Tacos

At this point in the evening, the weather was perfect.  It was still warm enough to sit outside and enjoy a Corona and lime without the sweat cooling me off too much. I felt like I was on vacation with the warm air, overhead lights, and a salty layer of sweat glued to my body like when I am at a tropic destination.

After many refreshing sips of Corona and water the tacos arrived.  The tacos were dressed with cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce diced tomatoes, and a heavy zigzag of a thick sour cream (a mayo-like consistency).

redbeard's tacos

Before I could even take the first bite, when I had the taco positioned near my mouth, I could smell the beef with the seasoning.  The meat tasted just as flavorful as it smelled. Not too salty either, like the ground beef taco I had at Bull River Co. The tacos were loaded with the ground beef and the rest of the ingredients (which is a good thing) but the taco was arranged in a way that most bites were of only a few toppings or just the meat. I fixed this by taking a fork and mixing the sour cream and moved the ground beef away from the inside fold of shell. Overall, I thought the beef tacos here were slightly better than the ones I had for Taco Tuesday at James Street Gastropub which were very similar in makeup but the meat was less dry, the tomatoes were diced more, there was a greater amount of lettuce and the sour cream had more appealing consistency. The only thing missing was some sort of salsa on the side or even preferably a side of pico.

After dinner, Caitlyn and I were rejuvenated from the tacos and were able to bike back to my apartment. I wouldn’t want to spend my day off any other way than with tacos, biking and good friends.

Price: $2 per taco, 3 minimum


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