Boston Trip Part 1: Wicked good tacos at Lone Star Taco Bar.

Boston Trip Part 1: Wicked good tacos at Lone Star Taco Bar.

Due to medical reasons, I have not been able to travel for vacation or for Frisbee tournaments this year. However, with a small break in medical care, I was able to take a mini weekday trip to Boston in August. It was really nice leaving Pittsburgh for a hot second to explore another city and, of course, to eat their tacos.

As always, I had a packed itinerary. Before Steve and I made it to Lone Star Taco Bar, we managed to visit the Bunker Hill Monument, USS Constitution, Warren Tavern, Night Shift Brewery, Harvard Square, Aeronaut Brewing, Remnant Brewing, and Somerville Brewing. Okay, yes I know, it seems like a lot of beer, but I planned the self-guided brew tour for Steve since he works at a brewery and makes beer as a hobby. And with his beer background, we made a lot of friends at each place.

building exterior

After a full day of history and booze, it was time for tacos at Lone Star Taco Bar. I picked this place based on a friend’s suggestion and because of its location. Since we spent all evening in the Cambridge area, the taco place was within walking distance of Somerville Brewing. Lone Star Taco Bar has another location in Allston, near the gatropub Deep Ellum, which is all under the same ownership.

Dark photo, but you can see the intimate space and sweet ceiling.

Steve and I arrived at Lone Star late on a Tuesday evening. Despite the time, it was packed and loud. To be fair, it was a small intimate cantina but had indoor, outdoor, and bar seating. Steve and I waited briefly for the first available seats which were indoors by the window. The table next to us was very close in proximity and we just happen to listen in on some of the couple’s conversation. Steve believed that they were on a first date that was not going so well.


Steve and I did not order any drinks here (we had enough beer already) and dived straight into the menu. Taco options here included carnitas, chorizo, beef barbacoa, fish, ground beef, grilled avocado with griddled queso or braised tofu, and baja fried fish. I ordered the beef barbacoa and avocado w/ tofu tacos with the Mexican street corn appetizer while Steve ordered the Baja fried fish, beef barbacoa, and Dallas spicy ground beef taco.

tofu taco
Terrific tofu taco.

It was a bit of a wait for the tacos, but it was well worth it. I really liked both tacos I ordered. The grilled avocado taco was accompanied with a braised tofu, corn relish, salsa verde, radish, and cheese. It all just worked perfectly together and the tofu was incredibly rich but light. I LOVED it. “A Whole New World” from Aladdin was playing in my mind with each bite. The tofu was a like a magic carpet flying into the sky, aka my mouth. This is the BEST tofu taco I have ever had. I would give it a 5/5 for an avocado/ tofu taco.

The beef barbocoa was topped with pickled red onion, avocado crema, and cotija cheese. I added a few radishes that were left on my plate to this taco too. The mesquite-smoked brisket was salty and juicy but complemented the spicy crema and crunchy veggies. Like the tofu taco, everything blended so well. I would give this taco a 4/5.

taco plate
All the tacos we ordered except the tofu.

Steve loved his tacos too ranking them in the following order from highest to lowest: baja fried fish, beef barbacoa, and then the Dallas spicy beef. The Baja fried fish was beer battered and dressed with pickled red cabbage and mango-habanero aioli. Steve liked it so much more than he thought he would and loved the toppings. I tried a bite of the fish taco and surprisingly really liked it. It was the first fish taco that I sampled that I would actually order. Once again, everything on the taco worked. I loved the sweetness from the aioli.

Overall, Steve and I were very impressed with the tacos here and would highly recommend the beef barbacoa, grilled avocado with tofu, and fried fish tacos to anyone. Even if you are on a rough first date, you will find some TLC with these tacos.

Tacos > their Mexican Street Corn

Price: $4.25-5 per taco.

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