Boston Trip Part 2: Spooky tacos in Salem.

Boston Trip Part 2: Spooky tacos in Salem.

Since Steve and I crammed 7 days’ worth of activities into 3 days in Boston, we decided to spend our last full day in Salem. Steve and I were getting a good hang of the public transportation system in Boston so we took the commuter rail to Salem.

Once we arrived in Salem, we decided to get lunch at funky Mexican joint called Howling Wolf Taqueria before starting our own witch hunt for museums and cemeteries.

Tacos on the menu were divided into build-your-own and specialty tacos. With BYO taco, you get to pick your filling, salsa, and type of bean. The BYO tacos here also included cheese, pico de gallo, and a flour shell. Specialty tacos included fried avocado, al pastor, carnitas, fish, and grilled shrimp. I went with the BYO taco with tofu, black beans, and corn salsa and an order of the fried avocado and al pastor specialty tacos.

Out of the three tacos I ate, the al pastor was the best. The pork had sweet, crisp edges but overall it was too tough and not tender enough. It was like eating a pork chop taco. The pineapple did not taste fresh either. The tofu taco had too much going on. I could not even find the tofu filling in the tofu taco. It did not stand out to me like the tofu taco at Lone Star. On the other hand, I could taste the fried avocado in the next taco and the placement of the avocado was spot on as I managed to get a chunk in each bite. However, I did not like the texture of this taco as it was too mushy even with the cabbage. I would give all these tacos a 2/5 on the taco scale.

Steve ordered the carnitas and fish tacos. He was not very impressed either. His only comment was that he should of ate the carnitas taco first as it was too soggy after sitting on his plate.

Although we did not find good tacos during our short day trip in Salem, we did have a good time visiting the historic and touristy town.

Price: $3.75-3.95 per taco

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