Crab cakes and tacos…that’s what Maryland does!

Crab cakes and tacos…that’s what Maryland does!

My mother and I took a mini trip to Baltimore at the end of May for a doctor’s appointment. Just like my other out of state ventures, I had some taco places lined up. I also had the best crab cake restaurants picked out too ahead of time, too, for my mother. Slowly I am making my way into the seafood world and I am now a fan of salmon and crab so maybe those will eventually make an appearance in the blog.

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For this Baltimore trip, I picked Tortilleria Sinaloa. Tortilleria Sinaloa was recommended by a coworker of mine. This counter-serve Mexican joint, located in Upper Fells Point, is known for their homemade corn tortillas; they sell them by the kilo. They also sell tacos, tamales, breakfast tacos, soups, quesadillas, and tortilla chips.

As for the tacos, they have steak, chicken, veggie, pork (carnitas), beef tongue (lengua), sausage (chorizo), tilapia, and al pastor. I went with one of each of the carnitas, chicken, and al pastor tacos.

My mother is not a huge taco fan and waited on Eastern Avenue as I happily ordered my tacos to-go. We then took off to Vikki’s Fell Point Deli in the market area for my mother’s lunch.


I managed to get my tacos to the market all in one piece. Each taco was loaded with cilantro and onions. A few radishes were added as garnish which was a nice authentic touch.

After sprinkling some lime juice one each taco, I bit into the carnitas taco. The first thing I noticed was the corn shell. The makeup of this corn shell is like no other corn shell I have ever had. It was less “cakey” and not as thick as Las Palmas corn shells. I like both kinds of shells, but this one is just different. It was very similar to a flour shell and if you are not a corn shell fan, this shell can get you to like them. It’s like choosing Pino Grigio for beginners into the wine industry. Their shell is the best gateway corn shell to introduce you into the corn shell world.

The radishes add a nice touch!

Now back to the rest of the carnitas taco. The taco was heavy on the cilantro visually, but with each bite, that was not the case. The cilantro balanced out with the loaded meat. The carnitas was juicy and far from dry. This taco was simple and it was my favorite out of the tacos I tried. I would give this taco a 4 out of 5 as it was worth eating this taco and I would recommend to most.

My second favorite taco was the chicken. The chicken was grilled and cut into chunks. The chicken was a little dry and better with the fixings than by itself. I would give this taco a 3 out of 5 as it was a good taco but not spectacular.

My third favorite was the al pastor. The al pastor had a great seasoning, but was missing that sweetness from pineapple that I like. In fact, there was no pineapple with this one that I could taste or see. It had a chorizo like consistency. The al pastor taco was definitely the greasiest of the three tacos, but it was not leaving the hands feeling like a greasy war zone like some other al pastor tacos. I would also give this taco a 3 out of 5 as it was a good quality taco.

With all the meat and topping loaded into each taco, I could not finish three tacos. Two loaded tacos would be enough for next time. I would definitely get the carnitas again and try a taco I have not tried yet on the menu. After lunch, my mom and I successfully made it to the appointment and safely drove back to the one and only Burgh afterwards.

Price: $3.45 per taco except for the fish. Fish taco $5.05.

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