Mid Bike Ride Tacos at Doce Taqueria in Pittsburgh’s Southside

Mid Bike Ride Tacos at Doce Taqueria in Pittsburgh’s Southside

As I’m new, I figure I will start my taco blog with my absolute favorite taco place in Pittsburgh…

Located at 1220 E. Carson Street in the Southside, I LOVE stopping at Doce Taqueria during my bike rides from Mckeesport to North Shore because its quick and it’s easy to get to from the trail.

Doce Taqueria is a smaller storefront in the Southside, with limited  bar seating, so be ready to stand if they’re busy.  The interior is very colorful and filled with various eclectic decor.  One other nice touch is the fridge in the back that contains the glass-bottled Mexican cokes.

Taco wise, they have pollo, carnitas, americano, and….I can’t remember the rest because I get the same three taco combinations every time!  They also have a taco of the day special, like the last time I was there they had a peanut butter chicken taco (no actual peanut butter, but topped with peanuts).  All the ingredients used are super fresh, and you can taste the difference.  They make for a perfect mid-bike ride meal!  If you like to sauce it up, they have a wide variety of hot sauces along the bar for  you to pick from, ranging from mild green sauce to some hot sauces I won’t dare touch!

Doce Taqueria Tacos
Fresh toppings on a taco mid bike ride? Nothing better!

Eventually I’ll get over my three favorites and branch out more and report back on them!

Price: $3.00/taco


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