FALLing for tacos at Los Chiludos.

FALLing for tacos at Los Chiludos.

exterior of building

On a cool, crisp Taco Tuesday, I made my way to Los Chiludos in Canonsburg. Tacos are a necessity all year long, but the thought of a hot taco right off the grill warms my heart this time of year. So you best believe I put on jeans, a leather jacket, and a sweater and took the 25 min drive to 325 Southpointe Blvd.

I met up with my friend, Dan, who had Los Chiludos on his taco radar for a very long time. Last year, I had Los Chiludos takeout when my generous neighbors brought me tacos from an hour away when I was recovering from a surgery at my parent’s home. I didn’t blog about the tacos then because I was still in recovery, but I am happy to now be healthy enough to order Los Chiludos in person and taco’bout them now.

outdoor seating area

Once we parked, Dan and I ordered tacos at the front of the restaurant. Only takeout is available Tues-Sat 11-8pm. They have a nice outdoor seating area next to the golf course, and since we were all layered up, we were fine with sitting outside.

sign with taco specials

Los Chiludos has Taco Tuesday specials so this was perfect for us! Specials included a set of four Texas tacos, three al pastor tacos, or three calamari tacos, each served with rice and beans. Grilled chicken, steak, carnitas, ground beef, cod, shrimp, and veggie tacos are also on the regular menu dressed traditional or American style. Dan and I split the Texas and al pastor platters with chili con queso as an appetizer.

al pastor tacos

The tacos here were the star of the show. The al pastor tacos were perfect. The meat had a layer of crispy fat that mixed in with marinade and a hint of pineapple to make an unforgettable al pastor. The onions and cilantro and vibrant salsa verde added texture and flavor. From the cilantro all the way through to the cornshell, I would not change one thing about this taco, making it a taco-the town, 5 out of 5 Pittsburgh blooming taco!


The Texas taco had shredded pork with American style which included cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream. These were hefty tacos with all the cheese on top. The cheese was already cooled down by the time the tacos arrived and acted like glue as it was very hard to mix the sour cream and tomatoes around the cheese. I almost preferred eating these pulled pork tacos like nachos, but couldn’t because the crunchy corn shells were so delicious and held up fairly well as shells for the first few tacos. After the crunchy shells absorbed the carnitas juices and broke, then I treated the tacos like nachos. All in all, these tacos came in at a 3 out of 5. A little heavy and greasy, but the flavor was not lacking.

picture of nachos and tacos on the table.

Speaking of nachos, the chili con queso reminded me of ball-park cheese. Very good, but not what I expected. I definitely recommend Los Chiludos to anyone in the Pittsburgh area looking for authentic tacos that are worth taco’ing about, especially on a Tuesday. I do not know if I would have had the opportunity to have the al pastor tacos since they were only on the special menu for the day. I am not sure what warm tacos will be in my hand the next visit, but I can’t wait!

Me holding tacos.
Here I am holding the perfect tacos!

Price: $9-12 for combination platter or $13 for 3 tacos of any filling traditional style, without rice and beans.

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