Get your super heady tacos at McDevitt Taco Supply.

Get your super heady tacos at McDevitt Taco Supply.

Over Labor Day weekend, I took a trip to Denver to see my friends, Carolyn and Tyler. While Carolyn and Tyler had a busy day working, I took a joy ride to Boulder for a late morning hike. My mission was to hike to an arch that Carolyn told me would be a challenge. Over 1,000ft of elevation gain in less than 2 miles of the initial hike. She said it would be equivalent to miles of being on a stair stepper. I said challenge accepted!

Hike summit
Not a bad view for Goldfish snacking.

Good thing I carried over 1.5 liters of water on me because the temperature was over 90 degrees and the hike was strenuous. While staring at the trailhead map, I overheard a ranger state that they had to rescue several people that week because of being ill-prepared for the heat. Luckily, I survived the hike and had a snack at the summit and arch. While snacking on Goldfish, I overheard a tourist ask a local for recommendations on breweries in town. The local recommended Sanitas Brewery. I thought to myself, a beer sounds good and that is where I went post hike.

taco cart

After I ordered a hazy IPA, I asked the bartender if Sanitas serves food. She said that there are tacos outside. I bolted to the taco stand and locked eyes with McDevitt Taco Supply.

McDevitt Taco Supply started as a single taco cart on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado back in 2011. They then expanded to a traveling Music Festival Taco Cart (which is a new concept to me), and then additionally to a permanent Taco Cart at the back patio of Sanitas Brewery. Now that I think about it, it makes sense to have heady tacos at a festival or after a strenuous hike.

After a brief look at the menu, I asked for the employee’s personal taco recommendation and she said the Sanitas cactus salad w/chicken taco. I ordered the recommended taco with a side of chips and queso. The taco was stacked high. I was not sure if the taco or the mountain I climbed was taller! The avocado sauce was my favorite part of this taco followed by the cactus salad. The chicken consisted of all parts-dark and white meats. There were some funky pieces where the texture was off for me. The Jalisco style taco comes in at a 3 out of 5 on my scale, but the queso and chips a solid 5 out of 5. The taco was decent, but I think I would try other tacos first before circling around to this taco again.


Afterwards, I drove back to Carolyn and Tyler’s place to tell them all about my trip to Boulder. I think this was the last of the tacos for my time in Denver as the weekend was filled with boating, paddle boarding, kayaking, and more boating.

Price: $4-5.25 per taco.

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