“Gimmie Juan More Margarita” at Jose and Tony’s

“Gimmie Juan More Margarita” at Jose and Tony’s

UPDATE from 6/5/19: Jose and Tony’s closed after being in the business for over 50 years. I guess I won’t be trying that chicken taco. A new sit-down restaurant will open in its place with dishes spanning from the Domican Republic to Spain.

After a few doctor appointments and a much needed nap, I met my friend Matt for tacos and a margarita for National Margarita Day. I picked Jose and Tony’s from my taco list of places to try. A friend of mine told me months ago that Jose and Tony’s had a great Happy Hour so I figured this was a great place to hit on such a special day.

Just take a gander at this Happy Hour Monday- Friday 5-7pm:

  • $4 Margs-lime, Mex azul, rasberry, strawberry
  • $4 craft drafts
  • $4 for 3 beef hard tacos
  • $2 domestic drafts
  • Half price nachos

So for $13, Matt and I ordered 2 sets of beef tacos and the nachos supreme. We ordered our food at the main counter and then made our way to the bar to order drinks. Once we ordered drinks, we found a table to post up at until the tacos were brought over to us. I liked the lax feel where you just order when you’re ready at the counter, hangout at the bar, or just sit wherever you choose.

It has been a long time since I have had a marg (since my last visit at Condado), but I had to get one for National Margarita Day! I went with the frozen strawberry marg. I like how the contents of the drink could barely fit in the glass but they poured it anyways. The frozen strawberry drink was so refreshing. It wasn’t too sweet, but may be could have been a littler stronger. I really wanted a second marg, but I refrained.

Matt and I did order the Happy Hour tacos but other taco options regularly on the menu include chicken or beef tacos, carnitas, fried tilapia tacos. Besides hard corn shell, these tacos can come on soft flour or soft corn tortillas as well.

marg and tacos
Look at that marg filled to the rim!

I wasn’t that far into the strawberry margarita when the tacos arrived. The tacos were graciously loaded with lettuce and cheese. There also was a nice heaping handful of ground beef in each taco. The meat was not salty, but could use a little more spice seasoning. I liked the cold cheese and hot meat combo but I did wish it was chihuahua cheese instead of the cheddar like my fav dollar tacos from Patron.

loaded nachos, tacos, and a marg
Look out for the loaded nachos top left.

The next thing I noticed was the amount of greasy saucy mixture in the basket surrounding the tacos. I let my third taco sit too long and it was almost too soggy to eat. I let it sit because I was taking down the nachos. The nachos were a very good addition to the meal. I liked the shredded chicken, queso, and guacamole the most from the nachos. The beef that came on half the nachos with the chicken was also too juicy and softened up a lot of chips.

All in all the beef tacos were pretty standard. Not bad for the happy hour deal. Some pico on the tacos would have been a nice touch and I wish the chicken tacos were part of the Happy Hour special. I would rank these tacos a 2 out of 5 on the taco scale. I bet the chicken would rank a point higher.

restaurant front
Adios Jose and Tony’s. I will be back to try the chicken tacos.

After the tacos, I noticed that Jose and Tony’s was starting to get loud and packed after 6:30pm. We had people ready to throw elbows to get to our table when we were about to finish up. That was our queue to skedaddle!

Next year Pens, next year.

Price: $8.99 for 3 beef or chicken, $11.99 for 3 fish, $10.99 for 3 carnitas. Oh, and $1 tacos during ALL Pens games!!

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