Hitchhiking for Tacos in Pittsburgh

Hitchhiking for Tacos in Pittsburgh

I have now been to Hitchhiker Brewing Company more than most of my friends that live in the South Hills, and I do not even live close to there. I love this place! I discovered my favorite beer of all time here, Yeoman, a fresh hopped IPA brewed right here by Hitchhiker.  The fresh hops put into this American Pale Ale came from a hop farm near Slippery Rock and it really knocked my socks off! Hitchhiker Brewing is where I also discovered the card game Exploding Kittens (designed by the guy who does The Oatmeal) and a dice game called Shut the Box.  Both are really intense games when you are competitive like me.

During my later visits to Hitchhiker Brewing, I took note of a sign on the wall that said $2 dollar tacos on Wednesdays. So of course the next Wednesday I had off, I made the most of it and headed to South Hills for some tacos, beers, and maybe Exploding Kittens.

Hitchhiker's Exterior

Hitchhiker Brewing is located at 190 Castle Shannon Blvd in Mount Lebanon.  They are open everyday except Monday. Nate and I were there for the Wednesday taco special and Happy Hour from 4-6pm which features $1.00 off drafts.

The bar before tacos at Hitchhiker Brewing

Nate and I sat at the bar and both ordered the new on tap Dreamsicle IPA.  We immediately started up a conversation about tacos with the bartender. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll see that we heard something CRAZY from the bartender. Someone came in and claimed that tacos were not a winter food, and they thought they make more sense in the summer. I don’t know about you, but tacos are a year round food for me!

Taco and Beer from Hitchhiker

Of course, we had to prove that someone wrong so we then ordered our tacos. The only option was smoked pork tacos. All the pork used comes from Cafe IO in Mount Lebanon. Although there was just one option there on our visit, the bartender told us they switch it up occasionally and sometimes even feature two tacos. Just over the holiday, for example, they had chicken tacos. However, its usually the smoked pork and I am okay with that.

The tacos were made right in front of us at the bar. The flour tortilla was first warmed up and then topped with shredded smoked pork, shredded cabbage, crema, and pickled jalapeños. I asked for no jalapeños on my tacos to avoid the heat, however Nate kept his on and said there was more jalapeños flavor than any heat.

Tacos and beer
The great bartender helped us get the ambiance right for the tacos and beer

Each bite of the taco was super soft from the warmed flour tortilla and tender pork until the crunch of the cabbage hit. The tacos were heavy on the crema but necessary to give the pork moisture. I think my favorite component of the taco was the cabbage. It was dry and not covered in any dressing like a vinaigrette dressing. It really just added the right amount of crunch. I ended up eating my gold standard of three tacos. Nate had two tacos and a side order of the local beef jerky which I also highly recommend as a quality beer drinking partner.

I was very surprised we were the only people at the bar eating tacos for how delicious they were!

Oh, and the kittens were spared on this visit. Nate had a few friends that showed up that we ended up sitting with after we ate.

Price: $2 per taco on Wednesdays, $3.75 per taco all other days


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