Independence Day Tacos at Mindful Brewing.

Independence Day Tacos at Mindful Brewing.

This year, I wanted to spend the Fourth of July up in Mount Washington. My neighbors and I have some prime real estate up there for the fireworks. Before I would settle up in the Mount for the afternoon, Steve and I took a quick lunch trip to Mindful Brewing. We knew we could not be out very long if we wanted to have a parking spot back in Mount Washington for the firework celebration.

Good thing the Fourth of July did not fall on a Monday this year because Mindful Brewing is open every day except Mondays. Steve and I were greeted and shown to the dining area when we arrived. My eyes quickly focused on the menu as I was really hungry. Mindful Brewing’s mentality is to be a farm-to-table option for Pittsburghers, supplying fresh, locally grown and produced food. Their menu is very impressive with a ton of unique options like the salted caramel apple burger with grass-fed beef, apricot BBQ wings, and fresh made salads with home made dressings. When stuck in a corner with many amazing options, I turned to tacos. The California tacos sounded incredible with roasted cauliflower on a crunchy corn tortilla shell, pico de gallo, shredded cabbage, jalapeno crema, and cotija cheese. I ordered the tacos with mac and cheese as my side. Tacos and mac are truly a dynamic duo. I was so excited to have my two most craved foods on one plate.

3 tacos and mac and cheese

I was not sure if two or three tacos were included with the order, but three tacos arrived with the cup of mac and cheese. The beautiful tacos were presented on a taco holder to showcase its loaded, colorful toppings. However, its folded shape changed instantly with each bite. As soon as I bit into the crunchy hard shell, the entire taco collapsed. Despite the taco breakdown, I could mainly taste the japapeno crema and the cauliflower. The crema added a little rich pizzazz-y kick. Each taste of crema brought me to a special place in my mind like a calm, humidity-free summer eve’ where I could be sitting on a public grass lawn listening to a jazz band. As for the cauliflower, I could just taste its raw natural flavor. I would have liked the cauliflower roasted a bit more instead of the raw, crunchy flavor. The cauliflower was like a loud family sitting down right next to me on the lawn, blocking some of that sweet jazzy music. On the positive side, I liked how the cauliflower was chopped versus broken in large chunks.

3 tacos and mac and cheese
Holiday tacos for the win!

For the taco ranking scale, I would give this taco a 3 out of 5. It was a good taco, but not amazing. I would give this taco a 4 if the cauli was more roasted. Having it more roasted would bring out the flavor of the other ingredients instead of just the raw cauli taste. The pico de gallo, shredded cabbage, and cotija cheese deserve to get more recognition.

For mac and cheese lovers, I would definitely get it again. I would give Mindful Brewing mac and cheese a 5/5 if my taco scale was a mac and cheese scale. I think you get what I mean. I would recommend it to anyone. It was so rich and creamy and I will remember it and crave it for a long time. I need to find a 5/5 taco. Well, I guess that it is the goal with this blog. I digress.

After tacos and claiming a parking spot back in Mount Washington, we spent the rest of the Fourth with my neighbors. We finished the night watching the Pittsburgh fireworks. I was hoping to see a taco-shaped firework blow up the night sky, but that shockingly didn’t happen.

Price: 3 cauli tacos with a side for $8. Not bad at all. Substitute in shrimp for $5 extra.

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