It’s Taco Tiiiiiiiiime in the Jersey Shore.

It’s Taco Tiiiiiiiiime in the Jersey Shore.

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The Wedge Salads!

At the end of July, I attended my first Wildwood Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in Wildwood, New Jersey.  With over 400 teams and 5,000 players, it was the biggest frisbee tournament I ever attended.

My team may not have done so great, but at least we had awesome jerseys!   Our team consisted of players from the Ultimate Frisbee Casual league in South Park, Pa.  We were the Wedge Salads. The name originated from the South Park Clubhouse menu item called the Wedge Salad.  One of my teammates always ordered the salad and would eat it consistently without silverware.  The method to eat the salad was extreme and savage, just like our team.  Our friend Kelly is an elementary school teacher and had her students draw what they thought a wedge salad would look like and that is what ended up on our jerseys!

building front

After many losses on Saturday, our team needed a morale booster and clearly I thought that Mexican food would be the cure.  Just like with all my travels, I had a list of top ten taco places in the destination area. The place I chose was within walking distance from our hotel.  I decide on Garibaldi’s Restaurant located at 4220 Pacific Avenue in Wildwood, NJ.  I picked this place because it was suggested from multiple different internet sources- I put tally’s next to the restaurants that get the most recognition online and Garibaldi’s had the votes!  Additionally, the walkable location was ideal for our group.

chips and salsa

Since there were so many of us and the restaurant was very busy, we had to split our group into 3 tables.  I think they usually do not expect this size of a crowd on a Saturday night but with 5,000 visitors, they had their hands full.  Once we sat down, a small bowl of complimentary chips were served with salsa verde and salsa roja. I did not expect the salsa verde to be the hotter of the two salsas and I found my tongue burning after just a pea-sized sample.

As I was sipping on water to alleviate the heat, I checked out the tacos on the menu.  Taco options included al pastor, chorizo, bistec, pollo, barbacoa(beef or goat), lengua, tripa, cabeza, and carnitas.  With so many options, I knew I had to convince a teammate to do a classic taco swap.

I chose the bistec tacos and did a taco swap with Pasco’s al pastor tacos.  When the tacos arrived, I was immediately drawn by the al pastor tacos over the bistec tacos.   The color of the bistec threw me off.  It was lighter and grayer than expected.  When I tried the bistec tacos, I noticed that there was too much cilantro and not enough flavor from the meat.  However, the al pastor was more flavorful than the bistec and I would suggest it over the tacos I ordered.   Another teammate also ordered the tacos and thought the meat was bland, too.  I may have ordered better tacos at Redbeard’s than Pasco but he beat me here.

The beastly burrito with the chicken explosion inside.

Although the tacos here were not the best, my teammates let me know that the other platters were incredible.  My friend Zach ordered the chicken burrito and his reaction was “mmmhmmm” once he tasted the chicken.  My friend Meredith ordered the steak with red peppers and onions with rice and beans and she loved it.  Basically everyone was really impressed with their meal besides the taco eaters.  I am happy to say that everyone seemed pleased with my choice for the team family dinner-all those online reviews really lived up to the hype.  The tacos may have not been up to par but overall the other meals definitely stood out and my team said that they would return to Garibaldi’s Restaurant for future Wildwood tournaments.

And since we were in the Jersey Shore…..

taco time picture


Price: 4 tacos for $7-8. It’s a taco steal people!!

Let's Taco Bout it below!

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