Jacki AND Baby Loves Tacos – Our Visit to Pittsburgh’s Newest Taco Spot

Jacki AND Baby Loves Tacos – Our Visit to Pittsburgh’s Newest Taco Spot

After many failed attempts, I finally made it to Baby Loves Tacos at 4508 Liberty Avenue in one of my favorite Pittsburgh neighborhoods, Bloomfield.  Baby Loves Tacos officially opened January 6th and one of my best friends, Alexis, beat me to the tacos.  Granted she lives less than 2 minutes away from this taco pumping establishment.

I have heard so many positive reviews from Alexis and others online about Baby Loves Tacos.  I even browsed their Instagram and Facebook page prior to visiting which I usually do not get around to doing prior to my visits.  (Side note-They have so many cools pictures of the shop and tacos online.  I was so intrigued by their colorful taco presentations that I even watched the entire slideshow on their website).  Baby Loves Tacos is big on social media (check the #PghTacos hashtag!) and post frequently about their new and changing taco specials.  I also used their Instagram page to check their hours since they are only open during standard lunch and dinner hours and closed on Sundays.

Baby Loves Tacos Exterior

Nate and I made our way to Baby Loves Tacos on a quiet Thursday night after one of my 12.5 hour long shifts.  I was extremely hungry and we high tailed it to Bloomfield after rush hour traffic.  By this time, it was dark out and the beautiful robin’s egg blue sign with bold pink and white lettering lit up Liberty Ave.  We picked a good time to visit because it was not very busy so we had a chance to talk to the owner and chef, Zack who greeted us immediately and made us feel as though I was about to eat tacos in my own kitchen.

Baby Loves Tacos Menu

Zack told us anything we needed to know about the menu and answered all my impossible questions.  The taco options were shredded chicken, spicy brisket, chorizo, Buffalo cauliflower, BBQ mushroom, and a veggie special (which that night was sweet potato with almonds, feta, and some green onion).  One of my questions I asked was how spicy the buffalo sauce was that came on the cauliflower.  Zack gave me a sample of the sauce which I thought was too spicy by itself but then he reminded me that the cauliflower will absorb some of the spice and it wont be like eating straight up buffalo sauce.  He then gave me a sample of the buffalo sauce with the cauliflower and everything made sense then.  I also asked how spicy the brisket was and Zack sent a sample my way of the brisket with the sauce.  His patience with my questions took this experience above and beyond just a quick visit for tacos. This interaction (along with the candles, plants, and soft music) is why I felt like I was in my own home.

Baby Loves Taco paper Menu
You won’t find more creative menus than here!

I ended up ordering a roasted cauli with Buffalo sauce, a shredded chicken taco, and the spicy brisket taco.  Nate almost had the same order as me but he went with the sweet potato instead of the buff cauli taco.  We were definitely getting our vegetables in for the day.  All the tacos besides the sweet potato taco mentioned above came with cilantro, salsa, green onion, and cotija cheese.  Zack offered Nate and I each our own side of homemade guacamole too for the tacos.  If you are looking for healthy, fresh ingredients and some of the most nutritious and energy filled tacos in Pittsburgh, than this is the place for you.

After we ordered , we claimed a counter spot by the window.  There were no stools or chairs but I was fine with this arrangement.  It makes for a great place to grab quick tacos and reminds me a lot of the set up at Taco Diablo and Doce Taqueria.  Small space,  but who cares when these places are busy dishing out amazing tacos.

both orders of tacos
Mine and Nate’s tacos…packed to go or to eat in.

Out of the three tacos I tried, the spicy brisket was my favorite followed by the buff cauliflower and then the shredded chicken.  I LOVED the cinnamon that complemented the brisket.  The taco here reminded me of the al pastor taco at Felipe’s Mexican Taqueria in New Orleans with the cinnamon seasoning the meat.  This is exactly what I was looking for once I left New Orleans, a non traditional taco that would blow my mind once again with the cinnamon. The cinnamon and spicy sauce coating the perfectly prepared brisket makes this taco a definite contender in my journey to find the best taco in the ‘burgh.  My only complaint with this taco was that I had to spit out a giant 1 by 1 piece of chewy brisket fat.  Other than that, I cleaned up the rest of the taco.

Baby Loves Tacos Tacos
These tacos are ready for their closeup

My second favorite taco was the buffalo cauli taco.  I loved the roasted cauliflower and it really reminded me of how I prep my roasted cauli at home. I could taste the garlic lemon salt and pepper mix within the roasted cauliflower. The texture of the cauliflower was spot on as it was not too crunchy or soft.  The buff sauce that spilled out at the ends of the taco where it was not mixed in with any other vegetable was a little too spicy for me and I may have caused a scene at Baby Loves Tacos when I started coughing up a storm when I swallowed buff sauce down the wrong pipe.  Zack could hear me and asked if I needed water.  Although I almost died trying to drink the sauce, it and the cauli made this taco really stand out in a good way.

Baby Loves Tacos Chicken Taco
Peek at the chicken taco

The last taco I tried was the shredded chicken taco.  By appearance, the shredded chicken almost looked like pulled carnitas with a similar hue.  The shredded chicken was a little on the dry side so the gauc was a great addition here.  With how much chicken, cilantro, and guac was on this taco I really felt as though I was eating one of the most healthy tacos in the ‘burgh.

I can not leave out Nate’s thoughts as well.  Here is how he ranked his tacos – 1) brisket. Hand down he absolutely loved it, with each bite being followed with mmm’s and other noises. 2) Veggie special sweet potato. Sweetness, a little spice, everything just worked wonderfully. 3) Chicken.  It’s good, that’s for sure, and he didn’t find it as dry as I did. It’s a solid safe bet if you need tacos and your with someone who’s not a diverse eater.

Baby Loves Taco's Sweet Potato Taco
Closeup of the Sweet Potato Taco – Nate couldn’t hold back and already took a bite!

Although I had to rank my tacos here, I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of flavor in each taco.  Just like Smoke, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place for quality tacos.  If I could describe the type of tacos that Baby Loves Tacos serve on a scale of non traditional like Doce Taqueria to very traditional like Edgars Best Tacos or Las Palmas, it would fall right in between.  I am definitely coming back here and maybe, just maybe, I can get myself on their website slide show eating a spicy brisket taco.


Price:  $10 for 3 tacos (does not all have to be the same filling) or $4 per single taco.


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