Mexi Casa….Tacos Straight Outta Dormont

Mexi Casa….Tacos Straight Outta Dormont

After the taco filled trip out in Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend, the very day after I returned I went to a Taco Tuesday at Mexi Casa in Pittsburgh.  Four taco stops in five days! Mexi Casa was not my original plan for that day, I was supposed to bike and meet friends in the Strip District for lunch at Casa Reyna and then have wings in Dormont for dinner.  However just when I was about to lock up my bike, I saw Casa Reyna’s sign said closed Monday and Tuesday. Although I was very disappointed at the time, it turned out I had a little piece of Casa Reyna later at Mexi Casa.

Mexi Casa Exterior
This might be one of the most colorful stops!

Mexi Casa is located at 3001 W Liberty Avenue in Dormont.  The main bar area is to the right and to the left, they have many more table and chairs along with more bar style seating for food.  In the room we were seated, there was a back wall all lined up with hot sauces.  I did not try any of them since I can barely handle the heat.

Hot Sauces at Mexi Casa
They won’t run out of hot sauce for tacos

According to the menu, it looks like Mexi Casa has specials every day.  The days that struck my attention were Tuesdays ($1.00 hardshell beef tacos/$1.50 softshell beef tacos) and Thursdays ($3.00 House Margaritas).  Both specials start at 4pm.

Pre-taco margarita

My friend and I both went with the Tuesday special and each ordered two hardshell and two softshell tacos ( I think three tacos would have worked out better for me).  We also placed a side order of chips and salsa ($1.50) and margaritas.  Yes, I got my usual on the rocks, no salt ($7).  My friend ordered the Agave Margarita ($8), which is a standard margarita but also has agave nectar added for a very sweet kick.  Be aware that the prices of the margaritas are not listed on the menu, but they did come in cute cactus glasses like the margaritas at Acapulco.

chips and salsa before tacos

The chips and salsa came to our table shortly after the drinks.  There were two different grain chips, the regular and multigrain.  The chips reminded me of store bought restaurant style chips but less salty which I prefer. The salsa was chunky and fresh.  The waitress told us that the salsa and almost every item was homemade except for their chips, cheese, and lettuce.  Mexi Casa does seem to care about the ingredients that go into the dishes.  They also have a menu well proportioned for both vegetarians and vegans, so don’t worry about bringing people with any type of dietary restrictions!  About those chips though…as I mentioned at the start, the day started off with hopefully going to Casa Reyna, well, that’s where they get the chips from!  So I did have a bite of Casa Reyna!

Tacos at Mexi Casa

Next came out the tacos from the kitchen.  The soft tacos had wax paper wrapped on the outside.  The tortillas were so doughy that the soft flour shell would stick to parts of the wax paper but not enough to put a hole in the shell.  Crisis averted.  I really liked the doughy texture of the soft shells and probably preferred them over the hard shell, but I liked the variety of having both types.  The tacos came with lettuce and cheese, and sour cream and salsa could be added on the side for a small charge.  Our waitress described Mexi Casa as more Tex Mex compared to that of Casa Reyna so it made sense that lettuce and cheese were the toppings.  The meat inside the shells was runny and juicy.  Each bite of both hard and soft shell tacos reminded that of Taco Bell, but good homemade Taco Bell.  There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, having tacos that remind me of Taco Bell especially since the ingredients here are of a much higher quality.

Overall Mexi Casa is a great stop if you need some cheap filling and tasy Taco Tuesday tacos.  Be sure to check out their other specials, along with the pretty good size veggie menu!

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