More Biking and More Tacos – at Bea Taco Town

More Biking and More Tacos – at Bea Taco Town

The day after I biked on the Montour Trail and walked to Las Palmas, I had the opportunity to bike yet again, this time into the city so I was able to go to to Bea Taco Town to meet some friends for lunch.

Pittsburgh skyline during bike ride
It was a great day for a bike ride!

Luckily I arrived at the correct Bea Taco Town my friends were at because there are two Bea Taco Towns on the same street (633 and 110 Smithfield St)!  Both Bea Taco Towns downtown are closed on Saturday and Sunday, so if you are craving some Bea on the weekend, the one on 2957 Banksville Road is open every day.

Bea Taco Town Exterior

After I found my group inside, I waited in line at the register to order.  I ordered the OMG tacos meal (grilled arrachera (flank) steak tacos with special fixings and a side dish of beans) for $9.  The OMG taco meat choices are either grilled steak or grilled pork.  I was really excited to see Chihuahua cheese on the menu but not under the toppings for the taco, I really should have asked!  After I ordered, I received a numbered card and took my seat in the dining area.

Bea Taco Town Interior

There are lots of booths along the walls, with only one table in the middle.  Since there were seven of us, it worked best for us to use that table.   I found it interesting that there was not one decoration inside Bea Taco Town. No pictures or Pepel Picado (you’ve seen them before, it’s the decorative cut paper!) from the ceilings, but they did have five flat screen televisions mounted on the walls.  I wonder if this would be a good place to come to watch sports in the afternoon.

Bea Taco Town's 'OMG Taco"
OMG Taco…sounds like me each day I eat one!

Food wise, I chose the OMG tacos over the standard tacos because it came with cactus, pineapple and avocados in addition to the cilantro and pico de gallo.  The first time I tried a cactus taco was at Let’s Taco Bout It in West Reading on the way to Philly, and I liked it enough to want to try it again.  This time it was just used as a topping however.

Bea Taco Town's "OMG Taco"
That sauce was just a biiit too spicy for me!

The tacos were stuffed!  I could barely hold the taco in my hand without the toppings exploding out. Two tacos were definitely enough to fill me up, especially with the side of beans.  The tortilla here was quite flat and thin as compared to Las Palmas’ fluffy and thick shells.  I think Las Palmas has spoiled me for tortillas!  The flank steak was tender and not fatty, and seemed like good quality.  The pico de gallo (which had lots of tomatoes) and avocado covered the steak.  While the menu said avocado, it looked more like a guacamole spread.  Then, on top of all that there were a few rows of sautéed cacti strips.  The cacti was tart and had a melon like consistency.  Thicker skin outside, with a more dense inside that was tough and crunchy like a raw green bean.  Finally on top of all that, was a grilled single slice of pineapple.  The only item I didn’t use was the cup of salsa that came on the side, which was a very thin and runny sauce.  Even just a sample on the tip of my finger was enough to clear my sinuses.  I couldn’t handle it.

Between enormous taco bites, I had scoops of the beans.  The beans were topped with a meaty chili like sauce with cheese sprinkled on top. A lot of cilantro covered the cheese.  I believe I got a little taste of the Chihuahua cheese I wanted, which of course made me happy!  I really liked the meaty chili.  It contained bites of sweetness as well as spice, that tasted a bit like cumin.  It was a little salty as well, but I am not sure if was a the salt from the tacos, beans, or the fast paced bike ride that let me to finish my bottle of water before the end of the meal.

Due to it’s location downtown, a good time to go is around 1pm.  Their peak seemed to be around 12-1225 which makes sense considering their location.

Overall, I really liked the tacos because of the quality of the steak and the unique and fresh toppings that went inside the taco. I would definitely return to Bea Taco Town, especially if I am looking for a quick bite in the downtown area with friends.

Price: $3.00-3.50 per taco (with rice and beans)

Let's Taco Bout it below!

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