No Bull about Bull River Taco Co. Outside Pittsburgh in Greensburg

No Bull about Bull River Taco Co. Outside Pittsburgh in Greensburg

Last Wednesday, I followed the same pattern as the week before. Not enough sleep, work (last week it was work before sleep during night shifts), followed by racquetball and then tacos. I am a planner so I figured since I was playing racquetball in Greensburg, I would try some tacos in the area as well.

Bull River Taco Co Interior

One of my coworkers told me to try a relatively new place in Greensburg called Bull River Taco Co. located at 5256 Rt 30 in the Westmoreland Mall.  Bull River Taco Co. has only been in Greensburg since about October (partnering with Rusty Bull Taco Co from Ohio and under the same owner of Pittsburgh Popcorn according to an employee I spoke with). Bull River Taco Co. is in the process to open up two more locations in the South Hills (EDIT: Their location is now open on 51, next to Area 51 BBQ!) and Squirrel Hill area. I was very excited to try a new place that has the potential for growth in the Pittsburgh area.

Interior or Bull River Taco Co

I checked the hours before planning the evening in Greensburg after work. The hours are Mon-Sat 11am-9pm and Sunday 12-5pm. The menu is pretty simple and concise with tacos, sides and drinks. Taco options include chicken, pork, beef, spicy beef and veggie. There was some subtle differences on the website versus the menu at the mall, such as the price of the tacos, hours (slightly off) and the pictures. The picture on the website showed pulled pork or chicken with cabbage, onions, cilantro, avocado chunks and lots of lime. I never saw any avocado chunks on any of the tacos at the actual place or tacos that resembled the picture online!

Tacos at Bull River Taco Co

Anyways, I chose to try the chicken, pork, and beef tacos. My favorites were the pulled pork and pulled chicken. Both were served on double layer corn tortillas. The pulled pork had guac, pico, house sauce (called bullseye sauce), and farmer’s cheese. These were the heaviest of the tacos since it was stuffed. The pulled pork was juicy and definitely the messiest out of the three. There was a little bit of spice coming from either the pulled pork marinade or the bullseye sauce, but it partnered well with the mellower pico, guac and cheese.

The farmer’s cheese was new ingredient for me. I learned that the cheese originated on farms around the world as a way to use milk left over after skimming the cream for butter. Farmer’s cheese appears to have a flavor similar to cottage cheese, but the texture is much drier and buttery in color. It can also be used as a substitute for cotija or a less salty alternative to feta.

Tacos at Bull River Taco Co

My other favorite was the chicken taco with guac, slaw, cholula creme and farmer’s cheese. The slaw was sweet (which I liked) not sour or vinegary, but it was overly creamy and therefore a little overpowering. Because of this, it is my second favorite here. I loved how the chicken was shredded and the marinade for the chicken was flavorful.

My least favorite was the beef taco. The taco was served on a flour tortilla. The toppings consisted of standard cheddar cheese, lettuce, pico, and cholula cream. The beef was seasoned but it was way too salty, and I think it was a little pricey for a simple beef taco. I would compare this beef taco to Mexi Casa or Taco Bell’s beef soft taco in its makeup and presentation, but I would prefer the later two options because of the meat and price.

Tacos at Bull River Taco Co

The only other downfall was the limes. The limes had no juice left in them. I squeezed the fruit hard and nothing came out.

Although I would not get the beef again, I did like the chicken and pork tacos along with all the toppings. Next time I swing by the mall, I will definitely stop by for a quick taco fix here before or after shopping.

Price: $3.50 per taco or 2 for $6.00


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