One Step Closer to a Free Taco at Doce Taqueria

One Step Closer to a Free Taco at Doce Taqueria

I have not talked about my love for Doce Taqueria‘s tacos in a long time.  Doce Taqueria is one of the very first places I went to when I started sharing my love for tacos in the blog.  Since then, I have probably recommended Doce Taqueria the most to friends looking for the best tacos in the Burgh.   Doce is near the top of my list due to their mouth watering, nontraditional, new age carnitas and americano beef tacos, the prices, and accessibility.  Because this is one of my go to and frequently visited taco spots (I went here for my birthday dinner last fall since I love these tacos so much), I have decided to revisit Doce Taqueria to give you an updated post of why I rank these tacos so high.

Last Saturday post work and pre-late night ultimate frisbee game (indoors, of course in the winter), Nate and I squeezed in a visit to Doce Taqueria at 1220 East Carson Street.  We went to East Carson Street on a weekend after 6pm.  This is not the best idea I have had since parking at this time of night is stressful and rare to find, but once we were finally parked and inside the restaurant, there was plenty room for us to sit at the counter.  My ABSOLUTE favorite time to visit Doce Taqueria is during the warmer months where I can easily jump off the bike trail, park my bike by the Dairy Queen bike stand and enjoy some hearty tacos in the middle or at the end of a ride.  My least favorite time to visit Doce Taqueria is on the weekends later in the night.  Doce Taqueria serves tacos some nights until 3am so I stopped after work one time on a weekend.  They refused to let anyone use their bathroom and refused to give me a take out box so I went home a little angry after that visit.  It’s basically a drunk fest in there so I would highly recommend avoiding weekend nights after 9pm.  I digressed but just wanted to make sure I covered all grounds for an enjoyable taco experience.

Nate and I ordered and sat right near the register as soon as we arrived.  I love the simplicity of the taco menu.  Taco options include carnitas, pollo, carne molida (spicy ground beef), americano (ground beef), vegan (crispy potato), and walking tacos here too!  There is also a changing daily taco special which the day we went was a pineapple-mango-habanero on chicken with pico and green onion taco.  For tortillas, there is an option to pick between flour or corn.

jarritos and counter top

I love how I can mix and match here.  I ordered one carnitas on corn, one pollo on corn, and one americano on flour.  Nate ordered two specials, one carnitas, and one carne molida.  He also ordered a fancy Jarritos (Nate Note: since when is Jarritos fancy!?) while I brought in my water bottle from the car.  With a fresh taco order, I brought out my frequent buyer rewards card where we crossed off one more visit and now one step closer to free tacos!

taco punch card
On my way to a free taco.


While we waited for a tacos, I got the supplies ready.  I grabbed two forks from the corner of the counter in the skeleton jar and a few sheets of paper towels from the roll.  I am not a rookie here and I was 100% prepared to devour some of my favorite tacos.  I LOVE how these tacos are prepared so once they come out all I have to do is squeeze a fresh lime and they are ready to go.  I do not have to think about extra sauce or additional toppings once I get these tacos.

Three tacos in a basket.
Look at all the crema on the ground beef taco on the far right!

The first taco I took on was the americano.  Shredded cheddar, lettuce, pico de gallo dressed up the ground beef with a cholula crema drizzled on top.  My favorite part of this taco is the crema, tomato and ground beef bites.  The fresh tomatoes from the pico all cremed up hitting the salty ground beef is such a refreshing taste.  And the ground beef here is like no other ground beef.  Its not the typical ground beef texture.  The ground beef is full and fluffy.  The cheese and lettuce on top also add to the refreshing vibe of this taco.  This taco is definitely up there with my favorite ground beef but may still be JUST slightly behind the ground beef taco I had at La Palapa.

The second taco that did not have a chance against my belly was the carnitas.  This taco consisted of smoked pulled pork with Mexican slaw, pico de gallo, farmer’s cheese, cilantro and lime.  My first taco was on flour but this taco I had on the corn shell and boy this corn shell had such a sweet corny taste to it.  If you were to lick the corn shell it tasted just like canned corn.  I actually really enjoyed this sweet shell.  Unlike the shell, the mexican slaw had a mild taste to it and did not stand out but just soaked into the smoked pulled pork.  The pork was amazing and definitely was the main highlight of this taco.  I loved the pulled pork with the slaw and corn tortilla and may have been tied for my favorite taco at Doce Taqueria.

three tacos in a basket
Chicken, pulled pork, and ground beef tacos

Last but not least (well actually that may be a lie since I did love the first two so much) was the pollo taco.  Shredded marinated chicken was topped with avocado, cholula crema, pico de gallo, farmer’s cheese, cilantro and lime.  I enjoyed eating this taco but the chicken did not stand out to me like the beef or pork did in the other tacos.   All of the ingredients tasted super fresh but i think the avocado turned down and masked some of the flavor from the chicken.

Three tacos in a basket
Pulled pork, spicy beef, and the pineapple-mango on chicken tacos.

I asked Nate for his ranking of tacos and he out the special first followed by the pulled pork and then spicy beef. He was a big fan of the special taco of the day, the pineapple-mango chicken taco.  He’s often a fan of fruity sauces like that, and he added some extra ‘Cheap Thrill’ hot sauce for a slight kick.

I never regret ordering those three tacos but I do now believe I at least found level of preference in tacos here.  The carnitas and americano tacos trump the pollo taco here for me.  This may be embarrassing but in the moment of blogging at Doce Taqueria, I wrote this in my notebook “I wasn’t all over the chicken. I could  have a night to myself with that beef and pulled pork as long as they both are okay with it.”  I love the nontraditional tacos here with the crema and slaw toppings.  I would place both of these tacos in my rankings for best taco in the ‘Burgh.  I am curious now to go back to La Palapa to compare the ground beef tacos but that’s for another day.

Price:  Simply $3 per taco (3 tacos is the perfect amount for me for a full meal.)

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