Patron…Making Taco Monday the New Taco Tuesday

Patron…Making Taco Monday the New Taco Tuesday

All my coworkers, friends and family know that I am at Patron Mexican Grill in Monroeville (245 Mall Plaza Blvd-Monroeville – Along with 4 other locations in Pittsburgh!) sipping on Margaritas and taking advantage of their Monday night special any Monday evening that I am not working.  Even my mom doesn’t invite me over for dinner Mondays anymore because she knows Monday taco night is very important to me.  Why is it so special?  $1.00 hard shell tacos (only hard shell tacos are part of the deal) starting at 5pm, $3.00 house margaritas, and $4.00 flavored margaritas.  I can’t pass it up.  Like I said, I will only miss it if I am working an evening shift.

My friend Michelle and I started making it part of routine this past winter.  The bartender Monday night, Monika, even knows our drink orders by heart. Tonight, she brought my margarita (on the rocks, no salt) as soon as I sat down.  Michelle brought some coworkers with her tonight and I am not sure if they thought I was a crazy regular.

Me and Michelle at Patron for taco night!
Michelle and myself at Patron this past Monday!

On the table ready to eat are Patron’s salsa and chips. FREE chips and salsa.  I love their salsa.  The consistency is smooth and has a mild to medium level of spice.  This is my favorite restaurant salsa so far because it’s smooth, refreshing and has the right amount of kick. I also love their margaritas because they are STRONG and only $3.00.  It’s a perfect combination.

Flavored margarita
The Strawberry Margarita

When placing the taco order you have the option of ground beef or shredded chicken (as you know, my favorite!) during the special.  I like to get a mix of both.  Usually two ground beef and one chicken.  I like the ground beef they use because it has great flavor and goes well with the salsa with just a hint of spice.  I also love the chicken because its shredded and cooked with a little bit of tomatoes, onions, and peppers. However, my absolute favorite ingredient in the taco is the CHEESE!  On one of my previous visits, the fantastic bartender Monika filled me in on what cheese they use on their tacos.  Chihuahua Cheese.  I’ve seen it at Giant Eagle, but never would have noticed it there until I was specifically looking for it.  She told me that the cheese originates from the Mexican state of Chihuahua.  My mind was blown.  I never knew anything named Chihuahua besides the dog breed, especially not a type of cheese or state.

Patron's Hard Shell Tacos!
The tacos!!! Note the awesome Chihuahua cheese.

After dinner, a friend of Michelle’s ordered another frozen margarita and the waitress forgot to bring it over because she was also attending the bar.  The waitress locked eyes with Michelle’s friend and yelled something I won’t type and the waitress took it off her bill.  There wasn’t too long of a wait for it, but the waitress recognized it. Excellent staff inside and outside of the bar seating.

I would highly recommend this restaurant if stopping through Monroeville, especially on a Monday night.  Taco Monday is the new Taco Tuesday at Patron.

Michelle, the bartender, and myself with proper taco eating hats
Michelle, the great server Elise, and myself with proper taco eating hats on!


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