Question: Where can you find tacos, a beach, and Ultimate Frisbee all in one place?

Question: Where can you find tacos, a beach, and Ultimate Frisbee all in one place?

Answer:  Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

frisbee team

This Spring, I took a leap of faith and joined a Pittsburgh’s club level Ultimate Frisbee team called I-79.  I was recruited by my casual Ultimate Frisbee friends to play on this club team.  At first I did not know how I would fit another night of frisbee into my very hectic work-life schedule, but I decided that improving my game and traveling to new places for frisbee tournaments with friends along my side would be worth it.  I told the captains that I would participate and travel under one condition:  I have to get tacos at every event.

car ride

My lucky two passengers, Kim and Pasquale, had to put up with my driving (which I believe is exceptional) and two stops for tacos once we made it closer to our weekend home in Rehoboth Beach.  As you guys have already picked up by now, I am a big planner and had two spots picked out weeks in advance.  I thought we were only going to have time to try one spot but since we were the first car to arrive in Delaware, we were up for trying both places.  Henceforth, Kim named our Friday afternoon adventure as Jacki’s #tacotour.

Taco Tour Stop #1: Taco Reho

Based on online ratings, my top choice for tacos in Rehoboth Beach was a food truck called Taco Reho.  I reviewed the menu and saw some tacos that caught my attention like the chipolte-tomato braised chicken, ancho braised short rib, and the oj/coke braised pork.  There were also salsas listed that I love and adore, like tomato-arbol, salsa verde, and tomatillo-arbol salsa.  I read that the chef gained his culinary experience in  Las Vegas, San Fran, LA and even in St. Croix . He then fused this with his east coast roots to create the unique flavor of Taco Reho.  After my research, I was ready to wreak mass havoc on these tacos.  To plan my attack, I had printed a map of the taco truck and rental house.  The targets were only 3 miles apart with the truck being located at 19406 Coastal Highway!

taco truck

When I first saw the taco truck, I’m seriously not exaggerating here, I was jumping up and down in the passenger seat (Kim let me rest for a bit and she drove the green hornet.)  Imagine a kids excitement when they first get a glimpse of the roller coasters at theme park when arriving in their parents van.  This was a hardcore looking food truck with an intricate design of an owl/guitar/bone in the center and lightening bolts as wings on the solid black of the truck.  It reminded me of a band’s tour bus making its way to around touring cities.

benches and gravel

I jumped out of the car, stomped on the gravel, and made it right over to the truck.  I made sure to grab the car keys just in case Kim or Pasquale were planning on ditching me after I left the car.

The taco options included chicken tinga, pork carnitas, short rib, grilled cheese (rice, beans, and multiple cheeses), buffalo shrimp, and beer battered cod.  I went with the chicken tinga and the staff’s recommendation of the pork taco.  I only ordered two since we were planning on attending a happy hour right after this stop. Pasquale ordered the short rib taco to hold him over while Kim waited patiently until the restaurant to eat.

two tacos

Once my name was called, I picked up the tacos, sat down at the picnic table, and executed my taco attack mission.  The first taco I tried was the pork taco with an orange juice braise, grilled pineapple, arbol salsa, cilantro, and chunks of onion.  This was definitely my favorite taco out of the two.  The arbol salsa was rich in chili and garlic and tomato and had the perfect level of spice.  Although the onions were large and chunky, they were not overpowering and added a nice crunch.  The crisp ends of the pulled pork were my fav.  This taco was super meaty and the homemade single corn shell magically held in all the meat.

The second taco I tried was the chicken tinga with chipotle braise, salsa verde, cilantro, and queso fresco.  I mainly tasted the shredded chicken, some cilantro, and a tiny bit of the cilantro.  The taco tasted fresh and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it didn’t rock my world like the pork taco.

If your ever making the drive to Rehoboth Beach, I would definitely recommend making a quick stop for fresh, hot off the press tacos here at Taco Reho.

Price: $3-6 per taco

Taco Tour Stop #2: Dos Locos Stonegrill and Tex-Mex

Not even 20 min after my first taco in Delaware that I made it to the next taco tour stop at Dos Locos Stonegrill and Tex-Mex Restaurant.  This taco joint is located at 208 Rehoboth Ave right near the boardwalk and beach.  This worked out great because we also wanted to see the beach after the taco tour.

building exterior

Dos Locos wasn’t always close to the boardwalk.  Dos Locos was established in 1992 by two crazy women (hence the name) who started this taco journey as a takeout taco stand which turned into a restaurant.  The current owners, Darry and Joe, took over in 2001 and since then continually changed locations of the restaurant until they obtained this perfect boardwalk adjacent space.  Dos Locos is now known for their vast array of tequilas, drink specials, stone grills, Tex-Mex, and seafood.

This restaurant was suggested to me by a couple who I know that does a yearly summer vacation trip to Rehoboth Beach.  They never tried the tacos but they love the drink specials here.  As I was driving, Kim and Pasquale both looked up the website and were in shock of what they discovered.  Dos Locos happy hour runs from 11:30am-6pm Sun-Fri with $5 off marg pitchers, $1 off drafts, $4 sangria, $3 Coronas, $5 house lime margs, and $6 munchies (only at bar and high tops).  I couldn’t believe it when I heard that time frame for a happy hour.I now understand why the couple raved about the drinks here.  Luckily, I didn’t swerve and kept up my superb driving skills.

Once we arrived, we made sure to grab a high top table so we had the opportunity to enjoy some discounted snacks and apps.  The discounted taco specials included fish, ground beef, carne asada, grilled tuna, buffalo chicken tenders, and grilled Mahi tacos.

Since I just ate a couple pretty fancy tacos, I decided to take it down a taco notch. I went with two ground beef tacos with lettuce, cheese, cilantro, and tomato to pair with my margarita.

two tacos

These tacos came out just as fast as the ones from Taco Reho.  The service was so speedy that I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take down two more tacos yet.  These two tacos were massive too.  I am pretty sure the crunchy hard shells were on steroids.

The ground beef tacos were pretty standard and did not really strike my taco taste buds.  The meat was a little dry and lacking of great seasoning and the cilantro was a little heavy. However, the richness of the cheese and freshness of the tomatoes did redeem them somewhat.  I definitely preferred the tacos at Taco Reho over the tacos at Dos Locos.

Price: 2 ground beef or buffalo chicken tacos for $6, all the other tacos are 1 for $6 (pricey for a special)

the beach

After eating three tacos on the tour, I was so full I gave my second ground beef taco to Pasquale, we all walked off our meals on the boardwalk.  I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at Rehoboth Beach while we waited for the rest of the frisbee crew to arrive.

If I am ever back in Rehoboth beach I would come to Taco Reho for tacos followed by drinks (but not the tacos) at Dos Locos.  Although the tacos at Taco Reho were smaller than Dos Locos, the price was comparable and the ingredients and sauces were on point at Taco Reho.

Let's Taco Bout it below!

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