Should I swipe left or right for Tacos Al Chile in Golden?

Should I swipe left or right for Tacos Al Chile in Golden?

The week prior to my visit to see Carolyn in Colorado, Carolyn and Tyler had some disappointing news. Their boat’s transmission died. We wanted a backup plan for boat day so we decided on a river float.

tubing group

None of us were prepared for the exhilarating rapids of Cedar Creek in Golden, Colorado. We all imagined the float to be super casual that maybe even involve a drink or two. That was clearly not the case. We screamed in fear, gripping the handlebars of our inflatable tubes, as we went over the powerful rapids.

After many laughs and luckily no injuries, it was time to grab a drink. Adjacent to the end of the float was a beer and food hall called Golden Mill. I was almost too tired to listen to all the instructions at the door, but basically I got a card linked to my credit card that I would use to buy drinks and food while at the Golden Mill. I then returned the key in a drop box on the way out.

I swiped the card for a cider and of course, tacos. I saw tacos on a menu at Tacos Al Chile and had to sample them. The menu consisted of authentic Mexican tacos, gorditas, sides, and homemade salsas. Specifically, the taco options included al pastor, carne asada, carnitas, chicharron (fried pork skin), birria, tinga de pollo, and calabacitas (veggies with achiote sauce). I went with the birria and al pastor tacos and split an order of chips and gauc with Kevin.

tacos on a plate

I was very excited to try the birria taco as those are becoming more popular in Pittsburgh. The birria taco included slow-cooked beef with dry guajillo peppers and garlic. Although this taco looked and smelled delicious, it was a little bland. I thought the garlic would bring in some interesting flavor, but it did not. This taco was also dry and could use that beefy au jus sauce like the birria taco served at St. Clair Social in Pittsburgh. With that all said, I rated this taco a 2 out of 5.

The second taco I tried was the al pastor taco. The achiote and chile pasilla-marinated roasted pork was cut thin, just the way I like it, so that all its surface area was covered in sauce. Although the taco was extra saucy, the pork wasn’t absorbing much flavor and was left dry. No taste other than the sauce. I think a better marinade would bump up this taco from a 2 to 3 out of 5. The corn shells were just okay, too.

chips and guac

I ended up liking the chips and guacamole side better than the tacos. The chips were thin, lightly salted, and way better than any chip I could find in a store. I loved the hibiscus tortilla chips. I could tell the avocado was fresh and had a beautiful color. Pico de gallo was smashed and incorporated into the dip. After I ran out of guac, I still ate all the chips. On the way out, I even carried the last two chips with me when disposing of my card in the drop box.

Talking about the swiping of the card influenced the title of this post and reminded me of the times of using Tinder. So should I swipe left or right on these tacos? The answer for me is to the left. I am still keeping my taco options open.

Price: $3 per taco.

Let's Taco Bout it below!

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