T and T Cantina stands for…..

T and T Cantina stands for…..

Tacos and Tequila!

All the stars lined up on the day after Labor Day. It was a Tuesday. The weather was ever so pleasant. It was Happy Hour. I wanted tacos nearby. I had hungry company.

taco stand
Someone give this dog a taco.

On that magical eve, my Mount Washington neighbor, Ben, joined me for tacos at T and T Cantina, located on the side patio adjacent to Coughlin’s Law. As you may recall from my post about one year ago, I was not a huge fan of the tacos at Coughlin’s Law (click here to read the post). I was hoping that this brand new taco stand, which opened this past spring, could change my mind about tacos on Virginia Ave.

decorative wall

When we walked up to the stand, Ben and I grabbed a few taco slips located in a slot next to the decorative hanging plant wall. Just like at Condado, you have to fill out a sheet for your tacos. The taco options included El Classico (ground beef), Carne (brisket), Carnitas, Vegetariano (roasted cauliflower), Pollo Ahumado (smoked chicken). Shell options included either soft flour or corn shell.

Perfect patio weather.

T and T Cantina celebrates Taco Tuesday in full throttle with 2 tacos (does not have to be the same taco) for $5. Ben and I were lucky to make it to the last taco Tuesday special of the year as T and T Cantina has shortened fall hours. After Labor Day week, they are opened on just Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm-1:30am and will be closed for the Winter starting sometime in the beginning of October.

Ben went all out and ordered 4 tacos right off the bat. I ordered 2 tacos and then we ended up splitting another order of 2 tacos. I ended up with the cauliflower taco on corn shell, ground beef taco on corn shell, and chicken taco on flour shell.


Out of the three tacos I tried, my favorite one was the ground beef taco. I could tell that the beef was of high quality and was bursting with flavor. The chipotle crema had a little kick which I could tolerate and made for a little drippy, but delicious mess. The cabbage added a nice crunch and the tomatoes from the pico tasted fresh. I would not change anything about this taco and loved the lightness of it despite being a ground beef taco. I gave this taco a 4/5 as I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would 100% order again.

My second favorite taco was the roasted cauliflower taco. The cauliflower was perfectly steamed and accompanied with chick peas, avocado, cabbage, and cilantro. I LOVED the chipotle romesco cream that covered the veggies on this taco. I liked the combination of ingredients here and it felt good getting a heaping serving of veggies. I would also give this taco a 4/5 on my taco scale. My only complaint here was that I had an old sliver of avocado. After I noticed the black portion of the avocado, I just cut it off and continued on my merry way.

My third favorite was the smoked chicken taco dressed with cabbage, queso fresco, chipotle crema, cilantro, and roasted poblano salsa. I gave this taco a 3/5 because the chicken was a little too dry despite the salsa and crema. In addition, the flavors from the ingredients in this taco seemed dispersed instead of working together.


Ben and I had some differences in taco ranking as he liked the carne brisket the best. He loved the salsa that accompanied the brisket. His second favorite taco was the chicken followed by the ground beef and then the carnitas. He loved the salsa that accompanied the brisket. Ben’s only recommendation to T and T Cantina would be to have a chorizo taco option.

All in all, I really enjoyed the tacos I had at T and T Cantina. The nontraditional twist worked here and the sauces and salsas were on point. I can safely say I like the tacos here as I asked the lady at the counter if they will be opened somewhere in the winter. Right now the answer is no. My cauliflower and ground beef tacos from T and T Cantina are in full blown hibernation until I can get my hands on them in the spring.

Price: $4 per taco except Taco Tuesday – 2 tacos for $5.

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