Tacos and Turntables at La Palapa.

Tacos and Turntables at La Palapa.

Monday has definitely become the new Taco Tuesday as I have come across more restaurants doing Taco Monday specials. My usual Monday taco spot is at Patron Mexican Grill with $1 chicken or beef hard shell tacos. But a few Mondays ago, I decided to switch it up and try out La Palapa’s Tacos and Turntables.

dj setting up

Every Monday, La Palapa has All You Can Eat tacos for $10 while a DJ mixes some sick beats. The guest DJ rotates every Monday. I happened to be there the night three DJs were in the house to celebrate the success of La Palapa completing their first year of Tacos and Turntables.

I managed to eat a whopping 4 tacos for All You Can Eat tacos. Hey, usually the tacos are over 3 dollars each so I sort of got some bang for my buck. The tacos on special this week included chicken, beef, corn, and chirrarones (fried pork skin).

three tacos

The first taco I sampled was the chicken taco. The chicken was a little dry, but the crema made up for some of the dryness. The corn shell on each taco did not seem like the corn shells I have had from La Palapa in the past; they seemed a little overdone. Overall, I gave this taco a 2 out of 5.

The next taco I tried was the ground beef taco. La Palapa gets their ground beef from Clarion Farms. I can never forget the first time I had their ground beef taco. I was in heaven as you can tell in my previous La Palapa post here. The crema, rice, cheese, pico, and cornshell made this taco. This time around, the taco was lacking the sufficient toppings and I was left with the taste of just the beef. As you can see from the pic from this visit compared to the picture from my first visit that the ground beef taco just was not the same. Still, this taco comes in at a 3 out of 5.

three tacos

The last taco (and my favorite of the night) was the corn taco. The corn had a creamy sauce and was grilled with a golden brown appearance. I ranked this taco a 3 out of 5 and ordered it again for my fourth taco.

Unfortunately, we have a minor speed bump (a freakin pandemic) that has caused the Tacos and Turntables event and dine-in services to be put on pause for the moment. But you can certainly order takeout from the restaurant or food truck! I recently planned on meeting Michelle and Andy for a Tacos and Turntable session but we had to cancel. I guess I will have to order taco takeout instead while playing some music in the background at home as a temporary substitute.

life happens, tacos help t-shirt

Stay safe and don’t forget to continue to eat tacos. Tacos will get us through this!

Price: All You Can Eat Tacos for $10 Monday nights in addition to Happy Hour from 5-7pm.

Let's Taco Bout it below!

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