Tacos, beer, and all the outdoorsy stuff in Oregon.

Tacos, beer, and all the outdoorsy stuff in Oregon.

The last tacos I had in Oregon were back in 2018. Click here to see the Portland, Oregon taco post. Just like my 2018 visit, I started my trip in California and worked my way up to Oregon. My Pittsburgh friend, Kevin, was working in Klamath Falls, OR. He met Alexis and I for kayaking on Shasta Lake, dining in Redding, and hiking the beautiful waterfalls of Shasta-Trinity National Forest. After a wonderful week and a half with Alexis, we parted ways and my journey with Kevin continued up North.

Anytime Tacos

taco truck

The next 2 days were set aside for Crater Lake. On the drive there, Kevin and I saw a taco truck parked alongside Crater Lake Highway in White City, OR. We also saw people eating said tacos outside under a covered roof. Kevin asked, “Do you want to stop?” I hesitated and said “No,” and then “Maybe,” and that is when he turned the rental car around and headed back towards the taco truck.

exterior of truck

The taco truck is called Anytime Tacos. I like the name of the truck as tacos are good anytime. I ordered a chicken taco done Anytime style and the carne asada dressed traditional style. Kevin ordered the combo meal with chicken, carne asada, and carnitas done traditionally with a side of rice and beans all for $8.

My order was slightly mixed up and I ended up with two carne asada tacos instead of one carne asada and one chicken. This was fine because I could then compare the Anytime and traditional style taco without any variables. The carne asada was tender and sliced super small to match the tiny taco shells. The salsa packed a ton of heat and I wish it was a little cooler as it accumulated in heat and left my lips slightly numb. Shells were 5 out of 5. I rank these carne asada tacos a 3 out of 5. I definitely preferred the traditional onion and cilantro toppings over the Anytime way with slaw and pico. I thought the slaw and pico combo did not pair as well as the traditional style.

tacos and combination platter

Next, I tried Kevin’s flight of tacos. I give props for Kevin getting the tacos with onions and cilantro as he is not a fan of cilantro. “I am trying to learn to like dish soap,” he said. Kevin and I both liked the carne asada taco the best. The chicken taco was a little too salty and the shredded carnitas were a tad dry, but had some flavor. Kev said the carnitas could use a punch.

After a mood boosting taco pitstop, we made our way to Crater Lake. The tacos fueled us for a beautiful sunset hike and for the run back to the car after the sun went down.

Price: $2 per anytime or traditional taco. $3 per Supreme anytime taco.

El Sancho

crater lake

After an amazing time at Crater Lake, our next and final destination of the trip was to Bend, OR. My initial plan was to have two relaxing days of brewery hopping and wearing cute rompers. That plan quickly changed as we decided to white water raft the first day and mountain bike the second day. However, Kevin and I still tried to squeeze in as many beer flights as we could.

Our first brewery on the self-guided tour was Crux Brewery. We took our beer flight to share to the outside seating area overlooking the mountain ranges and greenery. There were food trucks and stands stationed outside. One happened to have tacos so I knew where my dollars were going.

exterior of El Sancho

El Sancho is permanently stationed at Crux, but also has many locations across Bend. It was nice to be surprised twice this trip with unplanned taco encounters.

beer flights and tacos

Here, I went with a beef barbacoa taco and chipotle chicken taco. My favorite out of the two was the beef barbacoa taco as the beef was tender and full of flavor. The beef paired well with the cotija cheese and had a nice crunch from the white onion. The shell was great, which was not a surprise because when I was creeping at the kitchen, I saw the shells hanging on a line as they were freshly prepped. I ranked this taco a 4 out of 5 with a little more crunch desired.

When I looked at the chipotle chicken taco, I was super excited because I thought there were cranberries on top. I am not sure why I would be excited for such a topping. This taco was a little heavy with the grease and a little light on the chicken. It actually needed something sweet like honey or pineapple, or maybe cranberries?? I gave it a 2 out of 5.

Beer flights and I.

After Crux, we continued our brewery tour. I wish I could have room in my tummy for flights of tacos like I did for the beers.

Price: $3 per taco

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