Tacos from El Patron..How Else Do You Refuel After Racquetball?

Tacos from El Patron..How Else Do You Refuel After Racquetball?

This is the third week in a row I had tacos after racquetball, and it was an exciting game this time ending with 2 wins and 2 loses! My racquetball partner Andy and I were too tired for the intense fifth game tie-breaker and decided it was time for tacos after working up a sweat at the gym.

El Patron Exterior
Snow on the ground..ugh…but it’s always taco weather!

Since we were in Greensburg for racquetball I decided it was an opportune time to taco ’bout a restaurant that I have been to many times since I grew up in the area, El Patron Mexican Grill. They’re located at 6044 State Route 30 in Greensburg in a plaza (shared with Tapped Brick Oven & Pour House and Diamond Nails) adjacent to South Greengate Road.

El Patron Interior
So colorful inside!

The first thing I always notice walking into El Patron is the warm golden yellow walls, colorful tables, carved painted chairs and festive music.

El Patron Chips and salsa before tacos

After ordering our waters, we were welcomed with complimentary chips and salsa. Now let me warn you that my friend Andy does not have a lot of experience eating out in Mexican restaurants so I definitely wanted his input on what he thought of everything. Andy and I both enjoyed the salsa and chips. He thought the salsa wasn’t spicy according to his “sensitive palate” and had just the right amount of kick, but to me I thought it was spicy enough that I had to take a sip of water and a bite of food to calm down my taste buds after a few dips of salsa. He also thought the salsa could be a little chunkier, just to have enough consistency to let the salsa sit on the chip and I could agree with him on that.

The menu at El Patron is very overwhelming like Acapulco and El Campesino with 6 full pages of food items. I liked how there were a lot of pictures on the menu though. I was able to narrow down my search a little bit with the keyword taco, and focused on the combination platters. I love combination platters and will usually stick with them for their great value in food and price. I ordered one ground beef taco, one shredded beef quesadilla and rice and beans all for a little under $10. Andy branched outside the combination platters and ordered pollo adobe consisting of grilled marinated chicken breast covered with fresh sliced mushroom, spinach, bell peppers, onions and special cheese sauce with rice and beans. Boy the pollo adobe did sound good!

While scrolling through the menu, I ordered a small rocks margarita. The house lime margarita was on special during happy hour for $3 for a small and $8 for a large. I liked having the option of different size margaritas. The first initial taste of the margarita was a little too salty and heavy with a very syrupy appearance. It did taste better after I let it sit for a bit. In this case, I think I would have been better off with a frozen lime margarita than on the rocks.

Pollo Adobo at El Patron
While it didn’t photograph well, the Pollo Adobe sounded wonderful!

Our food came rather quickly and the plate was super hot. I always end up touching the hot plate even though I am warned several times. The plate was so warm that my nose was running a little with each bite, especially from the taco.

El Patron Taco combo with quesadilla

The first thing I noticed on the plate was the thickness of the quesadilla.  It was loaded with shredded beef. A rich white cheese filled the rest of the quesadilla, along with a bit of onion and pepper. The quesadilla was very warm and the cheese and beef were melted together perfectly. The tortilla was cooked with just enough oil to give it a flaky outer top layer. However, the bottom layer was a little soggy due to the amount of shredded beef and its juices. I needed to use a fork and knife to pick up and eat each beastly bite. The only thing I would change is to put more onions and peppers inside the quesadilla, but I definitely think it was my favorite part of the meal. Also, I saved last wedge for the very last bite of dinner like a little kid.

El Patro combo platter with taco

I got side tracked from the taco. I ordered the ground beef taco with the combination meal. The ground beef itself was not too runny and very rich without being too salty. The taco was topped with lettuce and cheese. My favorite part of the taco was the mystery white cheese that was layered on it. I forgot to ask what cheese they used but, it worked great with the ground beef. I am starting to realize that what I really like at El Patron is their combinations of meat and cheese.

Andy enjoyed his meal too. He said the only thing he would have changed, would have been more soft flour tortillas on the side to wrap up his fajita mix.

All of the staff at El Patron was super friendly. Now we did see a waiter smear some sort of whipped cream on the face of a teenage boy, however as it turns out it was all for fun since it was his birthday! I probably like the staff even more after witnessing that birthday blasting treat.

All in all, I always have a great experience here, and I will continue to keep it in the Greensburg taco loop.

Oh! Lastly, when I went to pay my bill at the register, I did notice a few awards given to El Patron. Including best Local Restaurant/Greensburg Mexican Restaurant in 2015, and a certification award for a donation to the Fort Allen Fire Department. Keep up the good work El Patron!


Price: Quesadilla, taco, rice and beans $9.49

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