Tacos from the Top of Pittsburgh…at Bigham Tavern

Tacos from the Top of Pittsburgh…at Bigham Tavern

A few Fridays ago, I had my mind set on Thai Spoon in Dormont because I heard it is amazing and love trying out new restaurants. However, last minute I started to think of other restaurants I haven’t tried yet.  On my list of places to go was Bigham Tavern.  When I looked at the menu and saw Bigham Tavern had a taco section I was set on that.  I also read that Bigham has bar games so I was equally excited for tacos and games.

Exterior of Bigham Tavern

Bigham Tavern is located on 321 Bigham Street in Mt. Washington.  I don’t travel to Mount Washington often so I was excited to make my way there.  My friend and I were able to park very close to the bar on right out front.  I think we were lucky to get a parking spot so close after seeing how busy they were inside.

Inside, the bar was loud and busy.  There was a main rectangular bar area with seating in two other rooms, and a covered outdoor seating area which is open even in the winter.  We were in the back room where the dartboard and shuffleboard were located.  This room as also just as loud as the bar area but I didn’t mind.  I really liked how Bigham Tavern had some Holiday decoration with garlan, ornaments and lights hanging around the walls.

We arrived shortly before 7pm, so we were able to squeeze in one of the $1.00 off drafts during happy hour.  If we came a little earlier, we probably would have also taken advantage of 1/2 off appetizers from 5-7pm as well.  After I quickly placed my drink order, I took my time looking at the taco section of the menu.  There are five different tacos to chose from including pork, bacon, short rib, fish, and chicken.  All the taco dishes are served in two flour tortillas with a side of home made tortilla chips and salsa.

Pulled bacon tacos at Bigham Tavern
Sorry for the lack of photos, I had tacos on my mind!

I decided to try something a little more unique than the chicken or pork I usually pick.  I went with the slow cooked  pulled smoked bacon tacos.  The process of making the pulled bacon includes taking a boneless pork butt and allowing it to cure (at least a week), smoking it, cooling it and then sealing it up in a refrigerator for about a week to let the smoke flavor mellow out a bit.  Finally, the pork butt is pulled apart and the amount needed for the meal is crisped using a hot skillet.  The process leaves us with a savory, sweet and smokey meat with bacon being the prevalent flavor.

After a very long wait for the food, the bacon tacos arrived at my high top table.   The tacos smelled like bacon just cooked for breakfast.  The meat inside the taco looked liked dried up pulled pork, but tasted just like bacon without the fatty ends.  It tasted nothing like pulled pork or ham.  Just pure, rich bacon.  I really enjoyed my first pulled bacon tacos.  Next time I get a bacon taco though, I will have a toothpick on stand by.  Some strands of bacon kept getting wedged between my teeth.

Just like at the Smiling Moose, the flour tortillas here were grilled and toasty.  I like that flaky crunch with each bite.   The bacon tacos were topped with jalapeños, cheddar jack, red onion, tomatoes, cilantro and lime crema. After trying one bite with the jalapeño pepper, I immediately took all of the peppers off the taco.  I don’t know why I thought I should try hot things.  It never works out for me.  But I did like all of the other toppings, especially the crema.  None of the ingredients masked the taste of the bacon either which balanced the taco flavor nicely.

Pulled bacon tacos at Bigham Tavern
This chip pile definitely is a little small, but the taste of the tacos was something else.

The two tacos came with a side of chips and salsa.  I liked the salsa.  It tasted homemade and very heavy on the cilantro, which I did not mind.  There was plenty of salsa but not enough chips.  The chips were homemade, salty and pretty good.  One chip was much too greasy so I didn’t have many chips to try.  The side of chips consisted of six chips.  Not enough to call a side, so I think one more taco or more chips to go with the generous sized cup of salsa would have fulfilled the price of $10 for the meal.

If I were to come back to Bigham, I would probably try the short rib tacos with grilled peach chutney and brown sugar BBQ because those tacos also sound unique.  Of course there’s a chance I would get the bacon tacos again because they satisfied my bacon taste buds.

I’m afraid that I will never make it to Thai Spoon if I keep picking tacos over everything else!


Price: $8.50-11 with two tacos, chips & salsa

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