Tacos, Music and a Trip Dahn South of Pittsburgh

Tacos, Music and a Trip Dahn South of Pittsburgh

Music Before Tacos with the Weathered Road
The Weathered Road!

Two Fridays ago, Nate and I went to see our friend Chris play in his band, The Weathered Road.  We have seen the band play multiple times and love their music. This time they were performing in Morgantown, West Virginia for the weekend.  I have only been to Morgantown once before when I was scoping out colleges. I heard Morgantown was a great place to visit and I was looking forward to taking a Friday evening trip to Black Bear Burritos to jam out in a new scene. Now I heard Black Bear Burritos had amazing burritos (I mean, it’s in the name!), but I had to check the menu ahead of time just in case they had tacos. I found out they only have fish tacos on the menu so I was ready to settle for a burrito.

Black Bear Burritos Exterior

So how did I end up blogging about tacos here? Well just a few hours prior to leaving, I checked the “specials” tab on the online menu and I saw that the special of the weekend was chicken tacos! Not only was I looking forward to the Weathered Road, but now I was eager for tacos in West Virginia.

Black Bear Burritos Bar and Ordering Counter
Drinks to your right, food around to the left

After about an hour and a half drive, Nate and I made it to Black Bear Burritos. The location we visited was the original spot, at 132 Pleasant St, Morgantown, WV. We walked in with the band jamming out and plenty of seating throughout the restaurant. In the back, there was a bar and counter to order food. This was a self seating restaurant which made for a nice laid back atmosphere where you can go back and forth from the bar for food and drinks.

Tacos at Black Bear Burritos
The Cheese! The wonderful cheese!

After ordering a beer at the bar, Nate and I both ordered the Taco 101 special. The special came with two tacos, chips and the choice of either cheese or salsa. At first I was disappointed that Nate brought back two quesos instead of one of each, but I am glad we both had the queso. It was definitely the runniest cheese dip I have ever had and, even thinner than Dino’s cheese dip in Greensburg. Even though the cheese was super runny, the roasted red pepper cheesy flavor was very rich without being too spicy. It was definitely one the best cheese dips I have ever had. It was like cheesy water I could eat (drink?) all day. I almost wish I used the leftover cheese on the tacos, but the tacos were perfect as is. My only complaint was that I ran out of chips for the remaining cheese. The waiter even tried to take the rest of the cup of cheese and I subconsciously screamed “don’t touch the cheese!”, but I managed to politely ask him to leave it. I couldn’t have it taken away from me.

Board showing where food was grown or harvested
Where does YOUR food come from?

When Nate ordered the tacos, he took note of something really neat that Black Bear Burritos does.  There was a sign of all the food items they use that are locally grown or harvested like the steak, tofu, honey, basil, cabbage, chicken and mushrooms.  The chicken that was used in the tacos was locally sourced by Gerber Farms in Kibron, OH.

Tacos from Black Bear Burritos
Every single ingredient worked together perfectly in these tacos

As part of the special I got two toasted flour shell tacos filled with 48 hour marinated chicken, light rice, smoky red beans and cilantro. Monterey Jack cheese was melted throughout and the tacos were topped with a pink salsa fresca (applesauce like consistency) and sour cream drizzle. I opted out of the habanero hot sauce. This was definitely a non-traditional taco. Each ingredient worked well together. Every bite had a little taste of the chargrilled chicken chunks, refreshing salsa, smokiness from the beans, crunchiness from the tortilla and a little moisture from the sour cream and salsa combination. This is definitely a taco to remember and I feel lucky it was on the menu the weekend we were there.

Table marker at Black Bear Burritos
This is probably the most creative system of marking tables EVER

Oh! When you go to order your food, just wait until you see what they give you to mark your table! For our meal we got a yellow bus, but other tables had oversized telephones, dolls, cars and other random children’s toys.

After unforgettable tacos and awesome music (and cheese), we continued to listen to more music from Chris’ friend’s band playing across the street at 123 Pleasant Street and ended our night at Apothecary for one more beer before heading back to Pittsburgh.

Price: $9.75 for two tacos, chips and salsa

Let's Taco Bout it below!

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