Voodoo tacos cast a spell on me.

Voodoo tacos cast a spell on me.

A few weeks ago, I had the unusual treat of a free Thursday afternoon so I took advantage of this by biking with my friend, Sean.  Typically, my Thursday nights are reserved for my Ultimate Frisbee league, but this week the league was on a temporary on hold between seasons.  With only one Thursday evening to spare before summer Frisbee commenced, Sean and I decided to make our way to Voodoo Brewery by bicycle.

I introduced Sean to a wonderful paved section of the Great Allegheny Passage trail stretching from South Side to Homestead.  After passing Page’s Dairy and Sandcastle while dodging gnats, we made it to the Waterfront.

Voodoo Brewery Homestead is located at 205 E 9th Ave, just a few blocks parallel to the train tracks running through town.  Voodoo Brewery has additional locations including two in Meadville, one in Erie, Grove City, Lancaster, and the Pittsburgh Airport (I know where I will be waiting for my next flight!)  The Voodoo Brewery at the airport may be the safest place to drink Voodoo beer as the lowest ABV I have seen so far is 6.4%.  Therefore, after a few of these bad boys, especially after a Voodoo Love Child, the plane would be the best form of transportation.  Sometimes I wonder what makes me think of these thoughts as I blog.

Back on track here, Sean and I made it to Voodoo Brewery and locked up our bicycles at the convenient bicycle parking right out front.  Just like at Condado and Doce Taqueria, I really like how I can see my bicycle from my table to keep my paranoia at bay.

chalkboard menu

I started the evening with one of Voodoo’s spiced Belgium wheat beers called the White Magick of the Sun.  After our bicycle ride, this refreshing beer is just what I craved.  Shortly after the first round of drinks, we put in a food order.  I was really excited to see a selection of tacos on the menu.  I knew Voodoo Brewery has a taco Tuesday special ($2.50 tacos with a drink purchase), but I did not know that tacos were a part of the daily menu (except Monday-the kitchen is closed).  Taco options here include veggie, steak, chorizo, and chicken.  Sean and I were both craving pizza and of course tacos so we decided to do a mix of both.  We ordered the chicken tacos and the margherita pizza to share.

chalkboard menu
The ABV ratings are impressive.

While waiting for our food, I purchased another drink.  This time I ordered my very first mead.  I tried the raspberry blackberry mead from Apis.  It tasted just like grape juice, and was sweet like grape juice, too.  It was dangerously delicious coming in at ABV of 8.5%.  I loved it.

margherita pizza

When the tacos and pizza came out from the kitchen, I didn’t even know where to start.  Everything was clearly homemade and looked incredible.  To build up the suspense, I saved the tacos for last and dived into the pizza first.  The fresh mozzarella laid on a bed of red sauce which all rested on house made dough.  The dough was drizzled with olive oil, and garlic and fresh basil delicately covered the pie.  The quality of the ingredients on this pizza made it memorable.  I can remember each bite of sweet sauce against the burnt crust.  The thick chunks of cheese were delicious, and I tried my best to evenly disperse the leaves of sweet basil so I could taste it in every bite.

tacos and pizza
This is a powerhouse combination.

Now I can’t think of a better way to balance a pizza slice than with a taco. The chicken tacos were presented on a toasted flour shell.  The chicken was topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, onions, and bell peppers.  The entire taco was coated with a chipotle lime and aioli sauce.   Just like the margherita pizza slice, the chicken taco was amazing.  Hearty and healthy white chunks of chicken filled the interior fold of the shell.  The chipolte lime and aioli sauce drenched the lettuce, but I did not mind the quantity of sauce since it complemented the chicken and veggies.  The sauce was sweet and sort of reminded of the sweet onion and teriyaki sauce from Subway, just lighter and less viscous.  Since there was an abundance of sauce, the taco got messy pretty fast and I just couldn’t keep up with the sauce dripping down my chin.  Even all the veggies could not slow it down.  The chopped onion and bell peppers mixed in with the chicken added to the overall healthy vibe I felt from the taco. I loved all the ingredients and I would not change a thing about it.

Next time I bike to Voodoo, I think I want to try the steak tacos-marinated flank steak and smoked pepper aioli.  That also sounded so good! With two tacos per order, I could probably convince someone to do a classic taco swap so I can have a chicken taco again too.

Voodoo was full of great surprises.

After our satisfying meal, we stuck around to play trivia.  Voodoo Brewery is full of surprises- I didn’t know they had a trivia night!  And it is not just any trivia either, Voodoo Brewery was voted by “Best of the Burgh” for best trivia night in 2017.  After staying for two rounds, I believe it- the categories were fun and it moved fast.

voodoo sign
Voodoo Love.

Once my summer league is over and I get another free Thursday, I will be hightailing to Voodoo Brewery for some tacos and trivia.  In the meantime, I will try to make it to Voodoo for their taco Tuesday special.

Price: $10-12 dollars for two tacos and kettle chips.

Let's Taco Bout it below!

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