You had tacos from a food truck at work the other day…

You had tacos from a food truck at work the other day…

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In the voice of Wayne from Letterkenny…”You had tacos from a food truck at work the other day…and you just happened to be working a daylight shift.”

That was my scenario a few Fridays ago when the Cool Beans Taco truck rolled up outside of the hospital. My work recently restarted Food Truck Fridays once Pittsburgh started to open back up. I was really excited that the Cool Beans Taco truck was coming on a day that I was scheduled to work a daylight shift. I had a brief sample of their tacos during one of the Pittsburgh Taco Festivals. I wanted to try them again before completing my review. Cool Beans has been on my visual radar for quite some time, even prior to the Taco Festivals, as I pass by the truck driving to work each day. The truck is owned by Legends Eatery on the Northside, so it makes sense why I usually see the Taco Truck parked on James Street.

Me in front of the taco truck.

Since I was working in the IV room, I put on my disposable jacket and walked outside to get in line for some tacos. After passing the truck so many times, I never noticed the string of lights on the roof. They also had an outdoor speaker. These few additions really were a mood booster for my fellow coworkers and I while waiting in line. While I was swaying to the music, I checked out the menu. Taco orders had to be in sets of 2 or 3. I wish I brought a coworker to do a classic taco swap! I did not want to spend $12 on two of the same shrimp or salmon tacos, so I ordered two ground beef and two roasted chicken tacos. Other options included Korean BBQ, chorizo, mahi-mahi, and a vegetarian taco. Once fresh lime juice was squeezed onto my four tacos, I took the basket and headed to a quiet part of the hospital to peacefully eat my lunch.


My tacos were topped with shredded cabbage, cheese, pico de gallo, lime crema, and guacamole with a flour shell holding it all in. The flour shell was just okay…tough to pull apart. The first taco I tried was the beef taco. I don’t think I stalled too long taking taco pictures because by the time I ate the taco, the beef was not warm anymore. The cabbage was mixed with shredded carrots. I liked the thought of the extra crunch with the carrots, but I am not sure this combination was right with the other toppings. Overall this taco just makes it over the hill at a 3 out of 5.

The second two tacos I had were the roasted chicken tacos. I was not a fan of how the chicken was cut into very small, scrappy pieces making it incredibly dry. I experienced hints of butter flavor with each bite of chicken. I give this taco a 2 out of 5 on my scale as I probably would not get this taco again.

Not a single ingredient really stood out for the tacos I tried here at Cool Beans Taco Truck. I don’t think I will find the best Pittsburgh tacos here, but I would take a taco truck any day over my packed lunches or the hospital cafeteria.

Price: 2 tacos for ~$7 and 3 tacos for ~$12.

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